Fashion at the Chinois

Image from Chinois Website
November 21st turned out to hold a great surprise - Vernard Goud of LuvNGrace's fashion event at the Chinois Restaurant in Yaletown.  This is the first event I attended in this restaurant and it was impressive.  The setting itself was classy and warm.  The space had been re-arranged to hold 2 long couches and some chairs to define the runway and waitresses circulated with samples of some VERY tasty bits.  My favourite hands-down was the skewer of Sweet and Sour Chicken paired with a chunk of pineapple.  Delicious! This is definitely a place I will be returning to eat sometime soon.

While the headliner of the evening was the launch of jewellery designer Carola Bun's Sesso 2012 Collection, there was a huge variety to keep us entertained all evening. DJ Miss Angel of Boy Meets Girl kept the atmosphere upbeat as guests nibbled, sipped their complimentary glass of champagne, networked and visited displays by four unique businesses. LashFabulous was there applying free lash extensions. Kitsilano Kitty's Closet set up a unique fashion kiosk.  There was also a table featuring Luxe Beauty Lounge and Spa and another for Omer Pasha Music Videos where you could view his latest music videos.

Qali Ahmed, Designer Dominique of Hive Mind Millinery and
Fashion Stylist Nicolette Lang-Andersen
 Image courtesy of Hush Magazine, photographer Dan Poh 
Just as our attention was beginning to wane, lovely host of the evening Mandy Ross of Vancouver Television stepped out to announce the first of 3 diverse fashion shows was ready to begin.  Rogue Couture - a brand new label by designers Jennifer Van Vuuren and Valmai MacIntyre - hit the floor.  I love being surprised and these garments definitely delivered.  Edgy and fashion forward, the line showcased a variety of sexy silhouettes that "...touched on Steam Couture with its blend of metals, leather, linen and period accessories."  I was drawn to the detailed garments with lots of seaming, straps and metal embellishment.  One accessory I particularly liked was the detailed spats worn over a pair of high heels. An intriguing way to turn a pair of summer heels into a winter version.

 Rogue Couture image courtesy of Hush Magazine, photographer Dan Poh 
After a short break, we were back in our seats for part two - fashions from the JennyFleur Loves Boutique in Yaletown.  Owner Jennifer Gray and her daughter Shaughnessy Show-Domos scour the globe for trends to fill their store. Inside you will find interesting and unique clothing, jewellery, shoes and accessories guaranteed to be a show-stopper at any occasion.  For this show the focus was on presenting a small composition of current looks now available at the boutique - things with a bit of holiday sparkle, but with the owners' own unique twist.  "Our boutique always has a bit of an edge to it which showed in some of the looks. Other looks we dressed up with edgy jewellery."  Styling for this show was with the assistance of Nicolette Lang-Andersen.

 JennyFleur Loves image courtesy of Hush Magazine, photographer Dan Poh 
One more brief interlude and it was time for the headline show of the evening - the launch of Sesso 2012.  Since 2010, designer Carola Bun has been producing pearl necklaces under the label House of Bun. A pearl necklace is a symbol of sophistication, luxury and timelessness that can be worn every day, even to elevate a great pair of jeans. Sesso 2012 - Italian for sex - showcased a mix of pearls and gold chain. A tear drop shaped loop of pearls provided the focal point on a few of the necklaces.  Previous collections enjoy intriguing titles such as Tutu, Le Petite Fleur and Le Phantome (one of my favourites). The designer has also offers a line of lipsticks, a perfume called Lady Godiva and a portion of every sale is donated to charity. The beautiful dresses providing a canvas for theses designs were courtesy of JennyFleur Loves Boutique.

House of Bun photo courtesy of Eugenio Flores.
Special note goes to Chinois for providing the great food and space, Hair by Bella Garnet Beauty Salon, Make-up by Jenny Ruth, Styling by Nicolette Lang Andersen, Models from Numa Agency, hosting by Mandy Ross, DJ Miss Angel of Boy Meets Girl and Lisa Marie Skincare.

For more LuvNGrace events check out his website at .  Want to know more about Vernard Goud?  Check out this bio article - Event Producer Extraordinaire.

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