Tis The Season To Give Part One!

Every holiday season for me is a reminder of how far I have come and that there are others who do not enjoy the life I do.  While supporting charity events is a year round thing for me - there is an added drive during the holidays.  I have chosen 2 fundraiser/charities to participate in this year and this one is the most immediate and the most urgent in terms of funding.

The first is dear to my heart and I hope you will donate TODAY - click HERE.  This is for an amazing dance teacher who was instrumental in my daughter's life. Morri-Lynn Buchanan decided about ten years ago to include special needs adults and kids in her studio.  From the developmentally disabled, to those with Autism, to those dealing with a wide range of struggles created by Cerebral Palsy, they have all found a place where they are not only nurtured, but allowed to perform in the community and at year end shows.

                                        This dance, performed by her able bodied dancers, is
                                        dedicated to all people affected by Autism; people with Autism, 
                                        their families, their friends. Photos shown were provided by 
                                        parents of Autistic children.  The occasion was the World
                                        Dance Championships and the number took a silver medal.

I found out through the grapevine that there was a World Conference on Dance Therapy happening and while she would love to attend, this was not a money'd population she works with and the funding was not there.  This hit me hard and I chose this as my first work of charity this season.  I have included several videos here that I think will touch your heart.  This fundraiser is still short of the goal we need, but I am determined it will happen. I hope if you read this, you will go to the site HERE and donate TODAY!

                                          This video brings tears to my eyes.  A mother and
                                          her 2 daughters perform a trio in the year end show. 
                                          One daughter has Cerebral Palsy, is confined to a 
                                          wheelchair and unable to speak.

I want to close by saying each of us has to contribute where we feel led, but if this story and the videos touch your heart, I hope you consider a donation. Everyone - no matter how small - makes a difference.

                                        Kurtis has cerebral palsy, autism, and he is deaf. Doctor's 
                                        said he would never crawl, stand, or walk. Watch him dance 
                                        his first solo at the Year End Show 2012. He takes dance class 
                                        every Saturday. You should see what he can do now.

Again the link for more information or to donate is http://www.eventbrite.ca/event/2150544336.