Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week (VALT) Day 2 - eVolution!

Image by Kuna Photography

I had conflicts on day one of Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week (VALT) and sadly had to miss that night.  Fortunately the lovely Jacqueline Ryan was willing to step into the void and her write-up will be posted shortly.  But there is still that note of regret as there were many things on the Friday schedule I did not want to miss, from the emcee for the evening who I deeply admire  - Ava Vanderstarren - to a recent Vancouver Community College (VCC) grad - Samantha Stroman.

Day 2 - eVolution - was my first chance to see the new venue and I was impressed.  The Maritime Labour Centre located at 1880 Triumph Street in Vancouver, was more spacious and a bit brighter than last year's which I loved.  We had more room to move around and connect with old and new acquaintances, as well as more chairs along the raised runway. There was also a much larger area to display the great selection of artwork.

What can I say about the evening's emcee but that I adore him.  Aaron Morris of Morrismore Production House and GrindDown Magazine was a total edgy bad ass when he emcee'd the 2013 show. This night he donned a straggly wig and lab coat to do a VERY convincing nerdy scientist impression.  I honestly didn't recognize him.  Jacqueline Ryan was sitting next to me and filled me in when I asked.  My jaw dropped in amazement.  Kudos my friend.

Images by See It LIVE Canada
A nice moment later in the evening was when wife, Kat Morris, joined him onstage as another scientist (this one definitely not nerdy) to complete the evening's story line. Want to know what I'm talking about? Come next season!!!!! The dates are already in place, November 20-23, 2015.

I have 2 choices here - write a lot and only cover a bit of the evening or just include the basic info on everyone and showcase the entire evening. I think the latter is the best choice - so here we go in order of appearance -

Atlas by Marjan Rabbani  - Rabbani is a recent graduate of the fashion design program at VCC who uses beautiful classic fabrics, organic knits, stretch mesh and velveteen to create a wearable fusing traditional and modern.

Images by Kuna Photography

Nocturnus Couture by Nancy Amenti - Nocturnus Couture is an apparel and accessories brand with an ultra feminine, Gothic edge. Garments are created from new and recycled fabrics - odds and ends of fabrics that are destined for the disposal -  making each garment unique and limited edition.

Images by Kuna Photography

Zollection - Zollection is a line comprised of hand-made garments with a twist created by Zoe. Looks range from fairy/pixie to bohemian.

Images by Kuna Photography

With You - A fashion film by Shayne Zwickel - starring the West twins and Zwickel himself. Styled by Crystal Macleod & Shot by Shawn Seifert

The Written Years - This band - vocalist Wade Ouellet's vocals, drummer Kane Enders and guitarist Kodie Krogh - offers a unique combination of indie rock, traditional folk, post rock and alt. rock influences. The group released their first full album in January 2014. Rather than a pic, I thought it would be great to include one of their music videos. Enjoy!

Biznarival - Bizarnival produces events that feature a unique blend of entertainment: sideshow acts, theatrics, djs/dance floor, and more. They have a nostalgic influence, but are executed with an alternative edge. This evening were were treated to a wonderful dance performance.

Images by See It LIVE Canada
Dixon Clothing - Dixon Clothing is a line that offers an interesting range from very wearable (but with an twist) to alternative fashion.

Images by Kuna Photography

Carolyn Bruce Designs - Love writing up this one up as Carolyn is my friend.  Bruce's jewellery is steam punk/out of the box. What is really fun is the large pieces look very high fashion from across the room, and then when an admirer nears, they are surprised by the unique findings incorporated.

Images by Kuna Photography

I included 2 strips here partly because I couldn't choose, but also because another designer friend of mine - Magdalena Lima - created all the amazing slashed, braided leggings and t-shirts worn by the models. It was a great pairing of talent.

Images by Kuna Photography

YUCA - YUCA is a lower mainland band comprised of  Matt Borck - Lead Vocals & Guitar, Andy B - Bass & Backing Vocals and Dave Atkinson - Drums. They bill their style as New Alternative Rock. Here is a video single to enjoy.

Protagonist Menswear - I always enjoy seeing menswear on the runway and this collection by designer Meta Vaughan had everything I love - unique silhouettes such as the onesie and interesting detailing such as a felted wool neck accent on the image left below.

Images by Kuna Photography

ShiverZ Designs - This local designer offers an amazing mix of fantasy items that put a smile on your face - "Fascinators, hats, masquerade masks, feather hair clips & bands, flower hair clips, earrings, jewelry, top hats, garters, chapeaus & what ever else I can think of in a day..... Decorate yourself!"

Images by Kuna Photography