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I found Patricia Fieldwalker's name in an internet search many years ago. I co-owned a local Vancouver magazine promoting talent in the local fashion industry and was always on the prowl for designers to feature.

The interview was scheduled and I arrived with my old school mini-cassette recorder totally unprepared for who I was actually meeting. Perhaps ignorance is bliss as I would have been intimidated if I had known more.

Fieldwalker is an internationally recognized luxury lingerie designer who has been featured in Bergdorf Goodman in NYC for over 35 years. WOW!  Fortunately, I was put at ease almost immediately as the interview felt more like one talented friend excitedly sharing her passion with another. Settling myself into her beautiful world - surrounded by buttery silks, soft french lace, sensual bias cuts, classic silhouettes and a truly stunning palette - I was mesmerized by her intriguing journey from mom with 3 young boys to showcasing on the runways of Paris. I loved the joy with which she showed me her collection. Each piece held a special place in her heart. She loved them all.

Left- Image by Liz Rosa, Right - Fieldwalker's design for Cashmere Charity Fashion Show
2014 held two honours for Fieldwalker. The first saw one of her vintage pieces—a stunning silk, black lace charmeuse creation circa 1985— on display in New York in the Museum of FIT’s (Fashion Institute of Technology’s) exhibition titled “Exposed: A History of Lingerie.” The second was having Rihanna strolling the streets sporting a stunning deep pink, spaghetti strap, silk gown from the designer's collection paired with a denim jacket. Her response? “I am on a roll! My gown on a millennium glamour girl… who says classics can’t be groovy?”

Rather than a selection from her fashion journey, I decided to share this more personal excerpt on one of the ways she walks away from the stress each day. No matter how many times I read it, it still puts a smile on my face.

Excerpt from Chapter Four - Patricia Fieldwalker

"Pairing the stress of work with a perfectionist nature can mean trouble if it can’t be left behind when you return home. Fieldwalker found a truly unique solution—a very large dog...

Beau Bijoux’s En Avant Gryphon—“Gryph” or “Cuddle Bunny” to his friends—is a 110-pound mountain of joy who has become an intricate part of their daily lives. Fieldwalker is totally smitten and Gryph has proven the perfect distraction from the stress of work. 'This is the dog to beat all dogs. In the mornings, I wake up and think I don’t want to go to work and deal with the usual complications in production. Then he comes over with a wet nose and starts kissing my face. By the time I get out of bed, he’s dancing around and happy to see me. I get home feeling beat, then see my dog and ask if he wants to go for a walk. He gets all nuts.'
I have several Fieldwalker pieces, but
this is still hands down my favourite.

Gryph also creates the most laundry as he loves to be clean as a cat, right down to his bedding. To keep him warm at night, Fieldwalker donated her old Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater to keep him warm. Eventually the neck of the sweater became too tight, so Gryph now sports a pair of fleece pyjamas purchased from an online store. Problem solved!"

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Update November 2016 - It's been twenty months since the launch of Life Outside the Box and I find myself immersed in the process of writing book two in this series. Where does the time go?

The journey for me of writing Life Outside the Box  was extraordinarily difficult—terrible self-doubt was a constant companion. What a relief that reader response and industry reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. It has affirmed for me that the timing was right and continues to be right to share with readers the different ways people choose to live their lives. People are bombarded as never before with societal expectations. We need to be reminded the journey we are on is ours alone. There is no one right path to follow; there is no one correct way to live—we are each extraordinary in our own way.

Be sure and keep your eye out for Life Outside the Box #2, tentatively due for release in the Spring 2017. I can't wait to share ten new and amazing stories with you.