No Limits by Leah Goldstein

I have been very fortunate to hear Leah Goldstein (speaker, coach, athlete) speak twice at WOW annual conferences - first in Vancouver a year ago and then at the Sparkling Hills Resort in Vernon this spring.  Both times I sat in awe as she shared her life's journey. Why? This is just the kind of interview that gives me goosebumps from start to finish. I was too far along in the process of finishing my first book in 2014 - Life Outside The Box - or I would have immediately scheduled an interview and added her to the manuscript.

Goldstein, in collaboration with No Finish Line Living business partner Lori Moger (kinesiologist, speaker, fitness coach), had already begun work on her autobiography when I heard her speak in 2014. By 2015 she was just a month away from it's release. This time I didn't take any chances, and quickly scheduled an interview as well as asked for a PDF pre-release media copy of her new book - No Limits: The Powerful True Story of Leah Goldstein: World Kickboxing Champion, Israeli Undercover Police and Cycling Champion (links to purchase below). It took only one afternoon/evening to read as I was unable to put the book down - consuming it from cover to cover.

No Limits begins by sharing her life through flashbacks while riding the grueling Race Across America Marathon (RAAM) competition. Several things quickly become apparent. Goldstein is mentally tough - probably the toughest person I have met to date. What she sets her mind to becomes a driving force - a tsunami that pushes her to greater effort.

Bullied from the beginning for being shy, having a lisp and one leg shorter than the other, the determination built from a very young age to be strong. She started by doing sit-ups for 5 minutes a day (in secret). Riding a bike was also a daily joy and she spent hours pushing herself to cut corners sharper, go that just a little bit faster, try to beat her last time.

Another facet I love is that Goldstein is never apologetic about walking away from a road that no longer serves her. Over her life she embraced Taekwondo to Kick Boxing, the Israeli Secret Service, champion professional cyclist, champion marathon cyclist, personal trainer and motivational speaker. Each is just one part of her life journey, a new direction to embrace, and every new challenge always receives her very best effort.  I think that's an important lesson for each of us. You don't need to have one perfect goal in life. Putting aside goals that have run their course and embracing new opportunities are what keeps life interesting.

There are so many things I would love to share about this book - how she approached much bigger adversaries at martial art competitions, her amazing recoveries from what could have been career ending crashes, the hilarious story of her first chase on foot in the secret service where she cornered the suspect but realized she had lost her gun and the list goes on. In the end I decided to end with this one. From a young age Goldstein has always been afraid of mentally freezing. She has carried this as a driving force through life and offers this wisdom when she speaks - Do something. Make a choice. It could turn out to be a good decision or a bad decision, but that doesn't matter. What matters is to always keep moving forward.

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