Boy on the Beach by R.D. Maddux

Twofer Murder by Lauren Carr

A Year in the Company of Freaks by Teresa Neumann

Overwhelmed Writer Rescue: Boost Productivity, Improve Time Management, and Replenish the Creator Within by Colleen M. Story

Nomad's Premonition by Georges Benay

Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured by Susanne Bellefeuille

More Than A Soldier: One Army Ranger's Daring Escape From the Nazis by D.M. Annechino

Seeing Double: An Elisabeth Reinhardt Novel (Book #1 Olive Branch Series) by Nancy J Alexander

Truths Not Spoken (A Shifting Sands Novel) by Pamela T. Starr

India by Debra Schoenberger

Xenogeneic: First Contact by Lance Erlick

Sandy's Gift: Walking with the Light by William P. Dunn IV