Adventurers Abroad: The New American Expat Generation by Robert Nelson

Adventures Abroad by Robert Nelson
How to live and work in a variety of
countries, with practical advice and information
that is useful for any aspiring expat.

Synopsis -

Adventurers Abroad explains in detail who the new American expat generation is, why they are moving abroad, where they are moving abroad and the personal characteristics required for expat success.

But the heart of the book is 14 personal stories told through the eyes of American expats living in all corners of the world. Through their experiences, readers will learn how to move, live and work in a variety of countries, with practical advice and information that is useful for any aspiring expat.

Review - 

Adventures Abroad lets you take a journey behind the scenes into the lives of Americans who have chosen to live abroad - whether for a year or for a lifetime. I always enjoy reading about the unusual journeys others choose to take.  They highlight our very uniqueness and as we read of the adventures of others, we are encouraged to take out our dreams, dust them off and take a chance.

I found the first chapter of the book a bit dry as that is where you'll find all the facts, figures and statistics on this phenomenon.  If you like statistics then you'll find all those interesting numbers here. My interest was piqued with the 14 ensuing chapters, each featuring the story of a different individual (or couple) living in abroad. While they all spoke enthusiastically about the positive aspects of their experience, ultimately there were some common threads of difficulties they did have to face. The final chapter offers a few notes on the characteristics necessary to embrace this lifestyle as well as quotes from ex-pats offering their advice.

Most ex-pats encourage anyone thinking of moving abroad to spend a minimum of one year in preparation to more fully understand the currency, the politics, the culture, the housing, etc. The more knowledge you acquire before your move, the quicker you will adjust to the new rhythms and ways of doing things. Language is definitely a barrier to integrating, so it's worth trying to obtain at least some basic fluency before you go. And I think almost all wrote they had reached out to other ex-pats from around the world through local Meet-up groups to make new friends.

If you're thinking of spending an extended time living in another country, the personal stories shared here will prove a welcome eye-opener and offer lots perspectives on how to prepare and how to embrace the new experiences on arrival.

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Meet The Author - 

A long-time expat, Robert Nelson wrote his first book, "Boomers in Paradise: Living in Puerto Vallarta," while residing in that Mexican international resort city for seven years. He has also lived in Germany, Turkey and Greece and has traveled to over a dozen countries on three continents.

​He also is a co-founder of, an online publisher of international relocation planning information and resources.

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