Interview With EFWA Upcycling Designer Yasuhiro Tomita of Rukus by Yasuhiro Tomita (Tokyo)

Share about the journey that led you to fashion design.

I started as a fashion designer from nothing. Reading fashion magazines like WWD and watching YouTube helped to make my fashion. I am still a self-taught fashion designer since 2009.

I know you are self-taught. How did you acquire your skills - sewing, upcycling, embellishing and sizing? What came easiest? What was a struggle to learn?

I keep following new fashion trends through WWD and watching YouTube often helps to make my sense expands. I try to use different sewing machines with different fabrics as many as I can. For other techniques, I use stretch fabrics so one  size can fit all! The easiest thing is to make my one of the kind pieces. The struggle to learn is to make a tailored jacket.

Who you are as a designer? Aesthetic? Customer? Brand? Etc.? Do you offer a new line each season, create custom work or both?

Now I am more into Jewelry line, but twice a year I showcase my new women's clothing collection for ISETAN SALONE in Tokyo.

I am so thrilled to have you a part of the EFWA Upcycling Challenge by Marilyn R Wilson. Have you ever upcycled used garments before? If so, how?

Yes, I've done a lot of upcycling because I love vintage clothing, especially from the 80's, so I sometimes upcycle a vintage dress into a new piece.

Please share a little about your approach/inspiration for creating your runway look for this international show? What can the audience expect?

I used my BF's vintage shirts to create a new dress. This garment has a couple different ways you can wear. Andit is one size fits all - very Eco!

What would you most like the international fashion audience to know about you as a designer and your brand?

I want people know that I am a self-taught fashion designer providing dresses and jewelry to Japanese celebrities such as AI, Superfly, Flower, E-girls etc. in Tokyo. 

What's next for you as a designer? What are your long term dreams?

I have a muscular dystrophy,,, So I am limited in how much I can walk. But I hope to keep designing fashion & jewelry as long as I can.

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