Marine (Halley's Casino II) by Mark JG Fahey

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Synopsis - 

Nebula Yorker (“Neb” to his friends) finds himself on the water planet of Marine in a race to recover a long lost Triopelian Star Chart he previously never knew existed.
Along the way Neb encounters new friends and a villainous brother and sister team bent on doing whatever they must to get their hands on the star chart first – including mayhem and murder.

One cocky android, one imbibed professor, one universal(ly) renowned scientist and one ice breathing sassy Water Dragon make Neb wonder whether the past 3 years travelling with Halley’s Casino was just a peaceful lull?

Who will find the star chart first? What are the implications if Neb doesn’t? And what does a Water Moon have to do with all of this?

​John Lennon seems to know….

Review - 
Marine - book two in the Halley's Casino trilogy - opens on the watery planet of Marine following a new main character, LeBeau who is the cousin of the Prime Minister of Telvon 3, TeeceeFore.  He had just inherited the estate of an old friend, Professor Gabriel Pheet. But behind the facade of heir, he was also on a second an more dangerous mission to search for a lost Triopelian Star Chart. Several factions were desperately working to be the first to find it, so danger and intrigue surrounds him.

At the same time, we continue to follow Nebula York on Halley's Casino.  A deadly pair has landed there through misdirection on the part of the professor. They are determined to find the star chart first, and anyone in their path is in danger. When they discover they have been sent on a wild goose chase, they head back full speed to Marine. Nebula and a few others race there as well.

Although a little more serious this time around, Marine has that same madcap feel to it.  Whether on Halley's Comet, on the surface of Marine or deep in the caves under it's ocean, the plot still unexpectedly turns left on a regular basis, continuing the amusing, madcap feel found in Halley's Casino.

A moon that rising out of  the ocean, an android with an unusual sense of humour, a race evolved from tadpoles, a sentient underwater creature and of course John Lennon are just a few of the elements wound together in the plot.  Marine is a fun and easy read that is sure to bring a smile.

Meet The Author - 

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Mark JG Fahey is not an alien, contrary to what you may have heard, though he swears he has been to space. Mark has dabbled in various undertakings throughout his illustrious career, from on-air hosting/reporter/stand-up comic to messenger for the Prime Minister of Canada. Mark also holds a degree in Restaurant Services. His family and friends can attest to his excellent cooking skills. Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Mark was raised and still resides in Aylmer, Quebec, Canada.  Halley's Casino is the first book in the Halley's Casino trilogy.

​Halley's Casino: 3rd place winner in a worldwide competition with World's Best Story 2017 . Finalist and 3rd place winner with the Independent Author Network October 2018 and is also a finalist for the inaugural Canadian Book Club Awards 2018.

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