Global Fashion Collective Showcase at New York Fashion Week FW2019

Global Fashion Collective (GFC) is proud to announce they will be taking part in 

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for the FW19 season in February 2019.

The first time I heard the term Global Fashion Collective (GFC), I really had no idea what it was.  However, it seemed to be helping relatively unknown fashion designers by taking their collections and showcasing them on the world stage in Vancouver Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo. I believe London Fashion Week is the next in their sights. What an amazing opportunity.

With GFC's next series of fashion shows due to hit the stage in New York, it was time to learn a little more. It launched in 2017 and is an expansion of Vancouver Fashion Week. Their goal is to support and promote the work of emerging designers by showcasing their work in exclusive runway shows in fashion capitals around the world.  They work"...alongside PR agencies in the respective fashion capitals on top of our own social media outreach and editorial platforms, to gain maximum exposure.."

As their NYC shows are starting soon, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the amazing talent they are promoting including two from locals whose work I adore - Kirsten Ley and M.E by Michelle Elizabeth Lee. If you're in NYC right now, I have information on how you can attend at the bottom.  Below is the schedule and the location for each day. 

Sunday - Feb. 10th
Pier 59, 59 Chelsea Piers 2nd floor,
New York, NY 10011, United States

3 p.m. - 

FAUN by Marisa P. Clark (Canada)

FAUN Studio was created in early 2018 by Canadian fashion designer, Marisa P. Clark. This up-and-coming contemporary women swear line is known for its whimsical and feminine pieces; timeless and charming, yet playful and bold! Seen on the runways in Vancouver, LA and Paris Fashion Weeks, this is her first debut at New York Fashion Week. This collection will showcase new pieces from FAUN’s Autumn/Winter 2019-2020 ready-to-wear capsule. From personal loss, Marisa channeled her grief into her creativity; moving into fashion and launching her own line. Marisa believes in building personal relationships between everyone she works with from the fabric suppliers and production team to the boutiques that carry her collections across Canada.

“My designs were inspired by the timeless class of New York City style. The influence of some of my longtime icons, like Audrey Hepburn and Blair Waldorf, are quite prevalent throughout the collection. While the story of this collection fits perfectly into the big city backdrop, I wanted to stay true to my signature design style by taking inspiration from natural elements. Elegant necklines, fluttering hems and handcrafted embellishments, like pearl bralettes and intricate, gold antlers.”- Marisa P. Clark 

Kirsten Ley (Canada)

Kirsten Ley is an award-winning Canadian couture designer who has recently launched a prêt-à-porter line. Using intuitive and sculptural techniques, she creates visceral one-of-a-kind works of art, juxtaposing structurally bound garments with the softness and translucence of fervent, flowing silks. Gifted with both a technician’s hand for tailoring and the unhindered inventiveness of her artistic expression, Ley’s signature aesthetic is laden with fabric manipulation as she playfully challenges her viewers' perception. Her empowering garments balance strong lines and hard tailoring with soft femininity, immense attention to detail, and free flowing creativity of reckless abandon. Kirsten Ley is rapidly making her mark as an innovative, experimental, and tactile designer on the world of fashion.

NiuNiu Chou, of ERXI X MRHUA MRSHUA, uses Pop Art as an approach to cross borders with fashion. He creates with digital printing and embroidery to showcase the beauty of the East. He focuses on emotions, the five senses, and strives to create trends with his avant-garde fashion. Based in China, NiuNiu Chou has showcased his clever collections at Arab Fashion Week, Tokyo Fashion week, Vancouver Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. He combines art and fashion to create innovative collections such as his latest works ‘Green Fairy Tales’, and ‘Retro Sentinel’. 

“Colour can cure, spread the great American Chinese culture! This season, I am inspired by oriental fashion culture and the cultural etiquette of old Beijing. The theme of the show is ‘Silk Road * Beijing Beijing’. I want to tell a story of Oriental artistry. I based my collection on traditional Chinese New Year symbols such as Lu, Shou, Xi, and Cai and I combined them with western symbols like fortune, happiness, and blessing. My designs are funny, stylish, and beautiful.”
M.E (Canada)

Michelle Elizabeth Lee is from the gulf islands of British Columbia, Canada. She leads a life focused on the process of creation and self-expression. Graduating from the Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion, and teaching at Blanche Macdonald centre for Applied Design lead to the creation of the boutique sample house Kloth. Mentoring under a master pattern maker and working with greatly skilled individuals has enhanced her ability to render concepts into reality. With a focused attention on personal desires, designing and creating… this evolution has produced M.E.

“Fashion in its highest state is the ability to present oneself… A consciously constructed representation of who we are. A constant contradiction: the effortlessness that requires great effort. Showing disregard, with meticulous regard for detail. Our current atmosphere… that is what fashion means to M.E”-Michelle Elizabeth
6 p.m. - 

Creative Director, Bomin Kim With a love for all the beauty in the world like beautiful houses, goods, and people, Bomin Kim believes that all the beauty of fashion can be achieved through the happiness of the wearer. In her pursuit of eternal values, she has run her poetic and romantic label "CANEZOU" for over 15 years and is now creative director for various brands, Queenie Zoe for instance in Korea and China, at present.

“This year (March 1st) marks the 100th anniversary for Samiljeol, Independence Movement Day, when a movement against the Japanese colonial rule started in Korea. I was inspired most by the young brave women of that time. Although it was one of the darkest periods in Korean history, this was also the time when so-called 'New women' appeared in Korea - the start of modernization for Korean women. So, this collection includes Korean-and-Chinese-traditional-dress-inspired garments as well as art nouveau style dresses translating the designer's own style. This collection stands for 'Oriental but Global', 'Traditional yet Modern', 'Feminine but Bold' women.”- Bomin Kim


Based in China’s historic city of Xi’an, HIGHTLI is a post-modernism and new vintage fashion brand since 2013 and a participant for Shanghai Fashion Week. Tong Li, the chief designer and founder of the brand has previously fused various European art forms, such as Rococo, into the design of staff suit for in Xi’an’s modern theatre, music hall and Mercedes Benz.

“I’m not a gamer, but the video game The Legend of Zelda has inspired me with its Rococo-styled elf character and the grand story background. Rococo has always been one of my favorite and most studied specialty, whereas when I’m again trying to create a new collection with Rococo, I’m not inclined to adopting my previous conventional methods—I’ve turned to reflect on the male clothing at Rococo era, and tried to employ the color plate of China’s Tang Dynasty (A.D.618-907) for a fusion design full of meanings. Melody, is what I dub this collection as, since it’s not restricted played on a sole inspiring element, but a “composed song” that coordinates relevant yet differentiated elements.”
Monday February 11th
Industria NYC, 775 Washington Street,
New York, NY 10014, United States

1 p.m.

SUNCUN (China)

SUNCUN, established in 2015, is a fashion brand committed to producing innovative designs, providing artisan tailoring and offering excellent pattern making. The company is a leader in Chinese clothing, and its team of fashion designers consists of experienced and highly-skilled professionals in the industry. Dedicated to safeguarding intangible cultural heritage, SUNCUN has been popularizing Cheongsam Fashion, promoting China’s traditional culture, and advocating the beauty of oriental fashion. This season they are branching out into children swear as an addition to their adult line.

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