A CHILD LOST (A Henrietta and Inspector Howard Novel #5) by Michelle Cox

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Synopsis -

When Clive, anxious to distract a depressed Henrietta, begs Sergeant Frank Davis for a case, he is assigned to investigating a seemingly boring affair: a spiritualist woman operating in an abandoned schoolhouse on the edge of town who is suspected of robbing people of their valuables. What begins as an open and shut case becomes more complicated, however, when Henrietta―much to Clive’s dismay―begins to believe the spiritualist's strange ramblings.

Meanwhile, Elsie begs Clive and Henrietta to help her and the object of her budding love, Gunther, locate the whereabouts of one Liesel Klinkhammer, the German woman Gunther has traveled to America to find and the mother of the little girl, Anna, whom he has brought along with him. The search leads them to Dunning Asylum, where they discover some terrible truths about Liesel. When the child, Anna, is herself mistakenly admitted to the asylum after an epileptic fit, Clive and Henrietta return to Dunning to retrieve her. This time, however, Henrietta begins to suspect that something darker may be happening. When Clive doesn’t believe her, she decides to take matters into her own hands . . . with horrifying results.

Review -

A Child Lost is book #5 in author Michelle Cox's Henrietta and Inspector Howard series. After reading it, I wish I had begun this series with book #1. I would have loved to know the history of the characters and how that history related to their current situation. No worries, though, if you want to start here as it is written as a stand-alone book.

This is a murder mystery series set in the 1930s where social roles were defined by class status - and those from different classes were not encouraged to mix. It offers an intriguing story line, a bit of suspense, a bit of romance and a peek into what life was like at that time.  The plot takes us to Dunning Asylum, a disgusting and frightening place, to try to find the mother of a girl left in someone else's care. The story could have ended when they find out she is deceased, but something doesn't feel right to Henrietta. Despite Clive's doubt, she can't let it go and forges ahead on her own putting her own life at risk. Woven into this story is the side plot of a spiritualist and in the closing notes, we find a hint that this character might figure into a new book by the author.

Well written, easy to read and, outside the descriptions of life in Dunning Asylum, not overly gory. This is a good escapist title to dive into at the end of your day.

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Meet the Author -

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Michelle Cox is the author of the multiple award-winning Henrietta and Inspector Howard series as well as "Novel Notes of Local Lore," a weekly blog dedicated to Chicago's forgotten residents. She suspects she may have once lived in the 1930s and, having yet to discover a handy time machine lying around, has resorted to writing about the era as a way of getting herself back there. Coincidentally, her books have been praised by Kirkus, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Booklist and many others, so she might be on to something. Unbeknownst to most, Michelle hoards board games she doesn't have time to play and is, not surprisingly, addicted to period dramas and big band music. Also marmalade.

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