30 Day Writing Challenge Day #27 - The 2020 Pantone Classic Cocktail A La Alex!

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the next time I make them.
My son-in-law, Alex, is a foodie in all sense of the words. He is adventurous in his tastes and willing to try almost anything once. This curiosity extends to beverages as well, especially unique cocktails.  I've seen him explore a wide range of them including ones with ingredients I had not heard of before such as Black Sambuca. 

Both he and my daughter love a great gin drink - well if a quality gin is used. SSSSOOOOOO - for his birthday this year, I was going to package up everything to make a unique drink I had stumbled across, The Classic Blue, created in honour of Pantone's 2020 Colour of the year. Then my daughter came up with a better idea that the whole family could contribute too. I set the idea aside for another day.

Several months later I received a great surprise - they would be visiting for a week. WOW! This was my chance. I started to accumulate all the ingredients - Empress 1908 Gin (a purply blue colour), Giffard Pamplemousse liquer ( AKA Crème de Pamplemousse rose), and Color of the Year Tea leaves (makes a very blue cuppa) from TeaLeaves.com. I even bought some cool martini style glasses and an official measure and shaker. 

Their first day here I set it all out on the counter, along with the recipe printed off the internet, and left it to my son-in-law. I think it was after supper that Alex to make us all one, but as he started working he quickly discovered I forgot the Vermouth. SHIT! I was going to run out and get it, but he said no worries. Not having it wouldn't change the flavour that much. It would just make this martini style drink dryer. 

He was right. We all loved it, and that says a lot as I'm not really a martini person normally. The only note I would make is it really is it came out a little more purply blue than the deep blue shown in the picture above. 

The surprise came a few days later when he made them again. In true Alex fashion, he decided mix it up and changed the proportions just a bit. It was even better in my opinion. This new version was smoother with a touch more of the grapefruit and tea flavours showcased. YUM! I was so impressed I wanted to share the A La Alex version with all of you.

You can see the original in this article from Thirsty Magazine - 15 ‘Classic Blue' Cocktails to celebrate Pantone Colour of the Year. Try all three and see which you like best. If you love a dryer martini, go with the original including the Vermouth. Like it a little less dry? Make the original recipe without the vermouth.  Then mix it up by trying this version and share your thoughts with me on your favourite.

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The 2020 Pantone Classic Cocktail A La Alex!

2 oz.     Empress 1908 Blue Gin
1 oz.     Giffard Pamplemousse
1 oz.     Brewed Color of the Year Tea  (from Tea Leaves Co)
Add an express lemon peel, grapefruit peel, or a few blueberries. 

Brew 2 tsp. Color of the Year tea leaves in 1 cup boiling water for 10 minutes.  Strain into glass container with lid, put lid on, cool and the refrigerate until ready to make your cocktails

Set your glass on the counter. Fill with water and some ice cubes for a few minutes to chill.  In shaker put ice, gin, liquor and brewed tea.  Shake. Pour the water/ice mixture out of your glass and, with strainer on the shaker, pour your cocktail into the glass. Accent with the peel or a few blueberries. Enjoy!