Carrot and Lentil Soup (Spicy option)

Spaghetti Squash Casserole with Hamburger and Mushrooms

Vegan Yam Waffles (no wheat, oats, eggs or soy)

Crostini With Prosciutto and Brie

Minestrone Soup With White Beans, Yams, and Pesto

Pumpkin Cornbread Muffins

Pumpkin Ricotta Lasagna Roll-ups

Peach Fuzz Wine Smoothie

The Kitchen Rich Cashew Cheese Sauce

Vegan Cashew Crema

Almond Flour Chocolate Brownies (wheat, soy, dairy and oat free)

Chickpea Banana Bread w/ Chocolate Chips (gluten, dairy, soy and egg free)

Thai Green Curry Chicken with Baby Bok Choy & Shredded Carrots

Spanakorizo (Greek Rice)

Oat-free, Gluten-free, Vegan No-Bake Bars

Vegan Queso & Vegan Cheese Sauce (2 recipes)

Stuffing Muffins - Two Recipes

Chicken-Bacon Succotash with Corn, Peas, Tomatoes & Parsley

Chicken, Vegetable & Wonton Stir Fry

Pork Tenderloin Tacos with Street Corn Avocado Salsa & Cashew Crema