Interview with Diane Mullins, Author of Dying to Belong: How I Accidentally Found Myself

Can you share a bit about your journey to becoming a writer/published author? Any interests or early signs as a child that hinted you would later put pen to paper? 

Growing up I had no intentions to write a book or be a published author, I was a science major. You know the old cliché – “you should write a book”, but I never thought I would.

What made this the right time to share this story?

There was not necessarily a “right time” to share my story. Once my book was finished and eventually published, I wanted to share it as soon as possible to potentially help others with lack of self-esteem or self-confidence.

In reading this book, it felt like the recovery process and the decision to work with others on self-acceptance came VERY close together. Is that how it happened? Do you feel as a very competitive and driven person that you used this new direction to fuel your drive to heal?

During my recovery process I did a significant amount of journaling, and I thought it was just therapy for my mind. Never did I think my thoughts and feelings would be published. One day a dear friend was over at my house performing Reiki to help with my healing journey. She suggested I write a book to share my story in hopes of helping others. The desire to help others drove me to get my story published, otherwise I probably would not written about my near-death experience.

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I'm curious about your cover art. When I look at it, it has more of the feel of a fiction murder mystery than memoir. What was it that drew you to this cover art? To this title?

When I saw that cover design, I knew right away it was for me. My life has not been fruitful or full of life by any means hence the tree without leaves. As a little girl, I felt sad, alone, insecure, and afraid well into adulthood. When you look at that picture, I am the sad, lonely little girl standing by herself by what appears to be a “dead” tree. 

How did the writing process work for you? Did you schedule a time every day? Work madly when inspiration hit? Or ?

It took me several years to finish my book since I had a full-time job and decided to go back to school to obtain my master’s in psychology. Writing a memoir and digging into your past requires a certain mindset. This type of writing cannot be forced, so I wrote at times I was in the mood to do so.

What about the writing/publishing process came easiest for you and what was hardest?

The easiest part of the writing process was giving the details and describing the accident. This is what I journaled about, so it was fresh in my mind. The hardest part of the writing and publishing process was not only learning about myself, who I was, what made me tick, why I think the way I do, and why I am the way I am; but writing it down and putting it out there for the world to see.

What's next for you - new books, in your business, life?

I am considering going back to school for my PhD in Performance Psychology to further my understanding of people and behaviors. I will continue to build my life coaching career which allows me to help and inspire others. Another book is definitely in my future.

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