The Burden of Hate (An Annie Collins Mystery #3) by Helen Starbuck

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Synopsis - 

How far would you go for someone you love? How much hate would you need to commit murder? Revenge. Hate. Fear. Not exactly traditional wedding gifts. But when convicted killer Ian Patterson escapes from prison, operating room nurse Annie Collins and fiancé assistant district attorney Angel Cisneros are forced to confront these realities head on. Will Ian Patterson’s quest for revenge toward the two people responsible for sending him to prison—Annie Collins and Angel Cisneros—bring them face to face to settle the score once and for all? Find out why Kirkus Reviews calls The Burden of Hate, “A thriller that offers a master class in suspense.” 

Review - 

If you haven't read books #1 and #2 in the Annie Collins series, I suggest you start there.  These three titles chronologically follow Annie's life, so while you can still enjoy them, you will miss a bit if you read them out of order.

In The Burden of Hate, we are offered two plotlines.  The first and largest is the threat to Annie and Angel's lives. They have finally fully embraced their relationship and are on the verge of tying the knot when they hear her psychopathic ex has escaped from prison and will be coming after them.  In fact, Angel is shot at their wedding reception.  Ian, her ex proves illusive - a ghost that no one can quit pin down. So they spend every day in fear, surrounded by measures meant to keep them safe. But can anything or anyone protect them.

The second story line is that of a priest from dead in a hotel room with the word murderer scrawled near him.  As a distraction to the fear she is walking with every minute, Annie tries to find clues to why he was targeted and who might have killed him. There is a well-hidden secret in his past that could be the key if she can just unearth it.

Another great book by Starbuck to escape into at the end of a long day.  Again, to really get the most out of these books, I highly suggest reading the full series in order.  

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Meet the Author -

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Helen Starbuck is a Colorado native, former OR nurse, and award-winning author of the standalone romantic suspense novel Legacy of Secrets, and the Annie Collins Mystery Series. She loves mysteries, suspense, romance, and any book that is well written. She’s a huge fan of books with independent, strong, women characters and, as Neil Gaiman says, “…stories where women save themselves.”

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