A Story From My Closet #6 - Lise Parton, My Dancing Queen Shoes

Guest Article by Lise Parton

I could write you a story about a wedding dress, (now that’s a story), but I think I will take you out dancing instead! In these hard times with so many gloomy things happening in the world, taking you back to my days of dancing with wild abandon in downtown Vancouver in the mid 70’s would just be so much more fun, don’t you think?

This is a story about a pair of shoes, a pair of wildly, multi-colored, strappy, high-heeled shoes that I used to wear to dance the night away in the clubs! It was a short time span in my life of about three years, after the end of a seven-year teenage romance from aged 14 to 21, and before meeting my husband of 30+ years at age 24. For me it was a time of freedom, self-discovery, new places, wild disco music and bright lights. It was a time of big hair, big jewelry, red lips, wacky and oddly designed bright clothing and tall shoes. It was my time to let loose, and, somewhere, I found this amazing pair of multi-colored, high-heeled shoes.

These beauties have seen the insides of several popular downtown clubs, but most frequently, on Friday nights with my girlfriends, Pharaoh’s (Pharaoh’s Retreat) on Water Street at the entrance to Gastown. This wedge-shaped building that started out as a garment factory had many stairs that went down into the dimly lit club world. We excited ladies would clack our way down the many stairs wearing our crazy heels, and then we’d dance the night away! I remember one of my favorite outfits involved this slinky, bright green, one-shouldered mini dress with an angled bottom edge, and I wore that often with the shoes!

I could not bear to get rid of these shoes, and today, in my new home, they hang on a barn-door by the heels, next to a sequined jacket and purse. I enjoy them every day as décor in my tiny home now, and they always bring a smile to my face.

Pre-COVID I went to a 70’s themed party, and of course, I dressed the part, however, I could not wear the gold-heeled, high shoes because I would have probably broken my neck! However, I did take the shoes to the party with me in a bag and the reveals brought many smiles.

My Dancing Queen shoes bring back wonderfully wild memories for me of a special time long past. Does this story remind you of a pair of dancing shoes you might have danced the night away in, as well?”

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Lise Parton is a storyteller, author, poet, expressive writer, reader and artist with several eBooks on Amazon, and one on iBooks. She also shares her lake stories on a site called Lady of the Lake and offers related print-on-demand merchandise in her REDBUBBLE  shops - LIPSpeaking and LadyoftheLakebc.

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