Every Day is a Poem Writing Challenge Day #7 - Use Your Memories

The writing challenge in chapter seven of Every Day is a Poem focuses on memories.  This is a chapter I will need to revisit after I've finished the book.  It isn't simple and really not meant for a single day.  The author offers 25 questions to answer to start the creative juices flowing, and each is meant to be pondered after answering. 

"Why look into the past? Why see it as a map and make a record of our rambling timeline? Because the results fills us with the light of understanding. Now that I can see in my current state the shadow of my previous years, I can more rationally digest everything that makes me who I am." 

The purpose of this exercise is to use your past to help you:  understand why you are the person you are in this moment, inspire a written work, and help you heal so you can continue to heal and grow. These memories can be positive ones you are proud of, or perhaps others that will help you find answers. 

From Photographer Tom Huss' Series called Reflections

After finding answers to the 25 questions, the author encourages you to make a timeline of your life. Along the way, make notes of anything that felt important - what have you done that wows you, what helps you appreciate life, what memory is still emotional, etc. Your timeline holds the seeds to write from and you can add to it year after year. Each moment on that timeline can provide inspiration for a new piece. 

"Tapping into the past is a way to gain appreciation for the present, and if we can value who we are right now, we can consider our poetic selves and honor whatever it is we need to voice."

Photo by Tachina Lee on Unsplash

Since there isn't time in one day to complete all the required work needed to fully finish this challenge, I have decided to read through the questions and write a poem on a memory that arises from one.  Again, not fabulous polished poetry, just a continued writing practice to stretch my wings further.

= = = 

Fairy Godmother

Did I read that right?
Not possible.
The world doesn't work that way.
At least not my world.
And I won't stand still.

An idea.
Like a balloon rising.
What if I?
Yes that would work.
I drop a pebble in the pond.

Slowly lap outward,
Both rhythmic 
And soundless.
But they wash upon
Just the right shore.

The plan emerges.
Helped along by
Another fairy godmother.
A new door opens,
And justice steps through.

Keep to the shadows?
I love the magic
Of a surprise that heals.
The hidden touch
That brings a smile.

Let's do it again!