Marilyn's 2022 Bucket List Challenge

2022 Happy Birthday to me!

This will be my third year creating a bucket list challenge and I am determined to keep the tradition going as long as possible.  I do have to admit, another wave of pandemic shut downs last fall sucked a bit of the life out of my focus and I lost my way towards the end of last year.  No worries.

This challenge has never about checking off all the boxes. It's all about opening my eyes to what is around me, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, taking leaps of faith into the unknown and keeping life interesting. As I shared many times, when I heard a speaker say you needed to keep having new experiences so you don't become the old person in the room telling the same glory stories from your 20's over and over - I took it to heart.

There were highs and lows last year. The Candlelight Jazz Concert was amazing. I would do that again in a minute. The watercolor class that was way over my head hit my self-confidence hard.  No matter, each was a new experience and each gave me another story to share.  

What exciting experiences await me this year? Who knows. Only time will tell. A big part of the outcome rests on my shoulders. I have my eyes open and am ready to leap when a door opens. Here's my starting list, but new things could appear at any time. 

I hope you create one too and share it with me. I'd love to hear from you in the comments. 

= = = = 

What I am working on already! -

Writing Challenge - I continue to add this every year. Part of it is writing and publishing new work, but part is to improve my writing skills. Last year I did the 10 day Challenge in Every Day is a Poem. It might be worth doing again. This year I am doing the Monday Writing days with Author Nation (free to members and $7 for non-members). I also signed up for a free Storytelling series of classes on Zoom. The first started on Jan. 11th. You can earn a certificate if you like.

1000 Words a Day for 30 days - Another challenge for my writing is this. I started on Jan. 18th and for the next 30 days I will try to write 1000 words every day. They can be blogs or magazine articles or short fiction or poetry or chapters for a new book.  But the goal is to reinforce the habit of SHOWING UP for the things that matter to me. 

Publish - I mean to make it happen in the fall of 2022, but to start slowing I am simply committing to writing 1000 words minimum a day for 30 days.  What I write doesn't have to be on new books, although I prefer that be the largest focus. The benefit either way is simply my writing improves when I work on it daily. I am committing to showing up every day!

New Blog Series - I just started a new submission series on my blog called A Story from My Closet. I am so hoping ignites and tons of submissions come in as I am over the moon in love with what has come in so far. If I get enough submissions, I will look into compiling them in an epub.  How cool would that be. 

My List of 2020 Challenges -

Travel - I am reaching an age where I have lost many friends and family. The message is clear that if I put off travelling it might never happen. We lost two years of international travel to the pandemic. I am hoping to find a window this summer where there is a lull we can tuck into. Our plan is to visit the UK with a stop in Iceland either coming or going. Fingers Crossed. Other trips will be to Ontario to see my granddaughter (May/June) and also maybe Hawaii or Mexico. We need to make up for the amount of time we've missed.

Continue my journey to get my body in a healthier place - Last year I committed to that goal and did pretty well. I dropped 15 pounds (another 10 to go), and although I stalled out for several month after that, I didn't gain anything over the holidays, even with company here. That is a huge win. So now to deal with that last 10 pounds.  I also need more movement in my life so will look at adding that to this challenge. I'm not sure what that will mean at this point. 

Take another Belly Dance Class -
I really enjoyed these zoom classes run by Shimmy Kingston in Ontario, but keep forgetting to check their FB page.  In fact I need to go now and check them out.   

Play piano every day for a month - I have a beautiful 100+ year old upright grand. I even took lessons while in university. But as I can't play by ear, I have let it slide. This was on my 2021 list and I managed for a week or two, but couldn't find my old music books and found I was not enjoying the new ones I purchased. I want to get moving on this one again. It's all about finding the right music that calls me to sit down and play.

Try something new - This one goes on every list. In previous years I've done ziplining, a cooking class, a watercolor class and more. Can't wait to see what I manage to try out this year. Def might try a different cooking class. I found an international site with classes from around the world. And last time the only ones available were on Zoom, so would love to attend one in person with a friend or family member.

Sew Something, Anything! - I keep putting this off. 2022 is the year. I have a challenge in mind for it, but not going to put it in words until I know I can make it happen. If I manage to pull off what I have in my head, it's going to be fabulous.

Skydive using the buddy system - Another I didn't get to 2 years in a row, in large part because the pandemic, but also the wildfires. It's time to make this happen. I am so ready.

Support the local arts - This is a good one to be on the list every year.  I am committing to attend at least one live musical performance in a small venue and one live play if the theatres open up.

PUBLISH a new book(s)! - Didn't happen in 2021, but I have committed to a release date of September 20th and am already on my way. YEAH! Setting the habits in place that will bring me to success is an important part of this.  Two great books on this subject are The Power of Habits (read this first) and then Atomic Habits.

Olio by Marilyn ePubs
- Can't wait to get going on these. It's just getting the content off the blog and separated into books that is slowing me down. So one day a week I will spend on this project until I have the content organized and ready for development. 

An Act of Charity - Another annual one. I have knitted hats - some some donated to the homeless, and sold some with donated all proceeds. I have bought fleece and made blankets for the Get Warm Project. I also love doing a few anonymous acts of charity each year. Not sure what I will do this year. Just have to see what presents itself.

Be an Extra in a Movie - I have no idea if this is even a possibility - I have been told no, but you never know what is possible. I am not looking for a career in film, just the experience of what being an extra is like. Then I'd like to write about what it was like - to share the experience with others who are curious.