Symonsas - a Cocktail by the Queen of Drag, Symone Says

I was having a lovely catch up conversation with my friend Symone Says a few days ago when she mentioned she had re-invented the Mimosa and it was to die for.  Instantly I sat up and took notice. I had begun to embrace the world of cocktail for the last year or so.  While still a rank beginner, I am slowly creating a small list of libations I could create when company was over. and always looking for new ideas.

Symone had been helping a friend get settled in a new place and decided to bring a few ingredients along to create a celebratory drink. Few is an overstatement. She only brought TWO!  First was an inexpensive bottle of bubbly AKA Champagne if it comes from France, Cava if from Spain.  The second was a bottle of DOLE brand guava juice.  

The goal was a reinvention of the classic Mimosa.  The original cocktail is simply a mix of orange juice and bubbly.  I like mimosas, but after trying the Symonsas, I realized how mild the OJ was. It only gives a mimosa just a hint of orange at best. Changing to guava juice literally made my taste buds jump up and say, "YES!" It was that good.  

I couldn't find the Dole brand she recommended, so went with another well recognized label - Del Monte.  What ever you choose, it's important to make sure it's good quality juice. And after trying his first Symonsas, my husband decided he also wanted to try to make a mimosa with mango juice as he loves mangos, and it is another fruit that offers a great flavor blast. 

Simple and bursting with delicousness, you just have to try this. Thanks to Symone for letting me share her fabulous creation here. 

= = = = 

Symonsas (A guava mimosa)

Ingredients - 

 parts            Inexpensive bubbly of your choice
1 part              Dole Guava Juice (or good quality brand of your choice)

Instructions - 

The bubbly and the juice first need to be well chilled.  Once nice and cold, gently pour the bubbly into your favorite champagne or wine glass. Slowly add in the guava juice. If you need to, give a slow stir. I didn't need to do this. The less you do, the more careful you are, the more bubbles stay in your cocktail, and I LOVE the bubbles.