Poetry - Marvelous Mango


Marvelous Mango
by Marilyn R. Wilson

You began as an idea,
A thought, a hope.
Then you became a reality.
A tiny dot that will change everything.

From dot to poppy seed,
Then blueberry, then jellybean.
Whoa - suddenly an olive
And not long after, a prune.

I am in awe of how quickly you change.
Now a lemon, now a pear,
Now a chicken breast.
I can hardly catch my breath.

Today you became a mango
And I couldn't be more excited.
You are a marvelous mango,
But I know it won't last long.

Cuddled and protected
Inside your mother's womb,
You joyfully embrace motion,
And listen to you mom's heartbeat

Tick-tock, tick-tock,
I eagerly await you. 
A new soul to complete our family,
To be held safely in our arms.

Although still several months away,
You fill my mind daily,
I'm immersed in the charts,
That share each step of your journey.

A hug, a kiss, an embrace.
Devotion, support and presence.
I offer all of these to you
My marvelous little mango.

Today and forever,
To the moon and back,
To infinity and beyond.
I will love you forever.