My Thoughts on Family and Loss in Haiku

Artwork by Maya Bergen (Randi's granddaughter)

Note – The eight beautiful poems below were written by guest author Randi Winter after dealing with the loss of her beautiful granddaughter, Maya. I am truly honored that she has allowed me to share them. 

My Thoughts on Family and Loss in Haiku
by Randi Winter


The garden of life
From child to adult we bloom
Unless picked too soon.


The circle of life
Is meant to be fully lived
Death should not rob us.

Death is a minus
Taken away far too soon
Grief is infinite.

Who are your true friends?
They support you in your grief.
Without conditions.


In patterns of grief
From child to adult we grow
Then morph back again.

To celebrate life
Means facing death on its terms
Love is eternal. 


Losing a grandchild
Shared memories unfulfilled
Never letting go.


In the empty space
Between your heart and her soul
Maya says, "I'm O.K."


Author Note – The final poem is a Chai-Ku. Chai means Life in Hebrew and is represented by the number 18. There is one extra syllable in this haiku as Maya had just turned 18 years old. Maya Bergen was a loving, caring and talented young woman warrior. She cared deeply and passionately about others. Diagnosed at 8 with Type 1 Diabetes, she was instrumental in writing and illustrating “Team Helping Type 1 Diabetes. Helping Kids and Families Understand T1D” Any support at will help keep her dream alive to help other newly diagnosed kids.