Poetry - Ghost Friends Forever

Ghost Friends Forever
by Marilyn R. Wilson

I hope we are friends
Until we die and then...
We'll continue to be
Ghost friends forever
What will we do?

Perhaps we will party
However ghost do.
Fly to places exotic,
Visit the tops of high mountains,
Making new memories together.

Fun? Absolutely? But what
More can ghosts do
We couldn't when alive?
Why scare people in ways
That were impossible before.

We could walk through walls,
Appear eerily disembodied,
Move things mysteriously
Flicker the lights,
Moan and groan eerily.

Then we'll collapse on a cloud
Or whatever ghosts sprawl on,
And laugh uproariously,
Hug each other with abandon,
And celebrate the fun we shared.

In life we are bound together
In death we will be too.
Our journey together,
Spans more than one lifetime.
We will be ghost friends forever.