Belinda (The Raymond Hatcher Stories) by Mark Zvonkovic

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Synopsis -

Set in the conference rooms of a white-shoe Houston law firm and the stunning coastline of Baja California, Belinda is the story of a woman’s bravery and resourcefulness at the end of her brilliant career. Her decision to fight her firm’s men in suits who demand her retirement is called into question when a man once her lover appears after a long unexplained absence.

Against a backdrop of romance and legal drama, the novel explores questions about love, the law, and the anxious precipice of life change. Is it ever too late to be swept away by romance? Can true justice ever be attained when the law’s practitioners are corrupt? And when your work is what defines you, what’s left after retirement?

​During a week of surprises and abstruse events, Belinda sees the once presumed greatness of her life flicker as she forces the moment for her decision to a crisis.

Review -

Belinda takes readers back to the style of storytelling found in the author's other book in this series - A Lion in the Grass.  The author dives into the characters lives in a soul baring way, while still keeping a strong link to the plotline presented.  

This is the third book he has linked into a grouping called (The Raymond Hatcher Stories). Raymond is gone, but we follow his protegee Jay who was an integral part of A Lion in the Grass.  Added to this is Belinda, a former work mate that he is reaching out to as well as the other characters needed to flesh out the plot.  

The author moves the reader fluidly between portraying who the characters are, giving a peak into their lives, and moving the story line forward.  Soul searching is done, but it is tucked into the right between spaces. The themes of the possibility of finding love, legal posturing, office politics, money and deep betrayal are woven together seamlessly into a great read.

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Meet the Author
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Mark Zvonkovic is a writer who lives in Rosarito Beach, Baja California Mexico with his wife Nancy and their two dogs. Finn and Cooper. He has written three novels, and he also writes book reviews and essays that appear in online publications. Before retiring to Mexico, Mark practiced law for thirty-five years at three multinational law firms in Houston, Texas and New York City. He attended college at Southern Methodist University and Boston University, and his law degree is from SMU School of Law. Mark grew up as an oil company brat and lived in Latin America, Texas and New York.

Note - Author photo by Rebecca Westerveld

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