Vancouver Fashion Week SS23 Interview With Dryden Sereda of Sereda (Vancouver) - VCAD Graduate and Winner of the Nancy Mak Award

Runway photos by Arun Nevader, courtesy of Vancouver Fashion Week

Bio -

Growing up in a small Canadian prairie city, Sereda learned the influence of art as a communication interface, looking to the abstraction of graphics as a prime way of storytelling. Using mediums ranging from spray paint, blow torches, and hardware, he has long explored the tear down before the build up. Hard lines, jagged edges, and razor sharp interpretation are called on to create bespoke art that satiates the curiosity within.

As a top of class design school graduate of the Visual College of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada; Sereda articulates shape through architectural disciplines, crafting unexpected textiles into silhouettes that are at once unconventional yet understood. As an industry collaborator, he develops brand strategies from concept to completion with digital processes. Deriving concept packages through technical product development, material management, and visual storytelling by means of videography, photography and choreographed runway productions; Sereda executes ideas and production at an executive level.


Interview - 

Please share a bit about your journey to embrace fashion design as a career.

I initially started experimenting with a bit of graphic design in 2018 as a creative outlet after sustaining a severe ankle injury while skateboarding (which had been my main passion until that point). After some trials with design and sewing I soon developed a strong satisfaction for making clothes. Along with my experiments, I developed a small streetwear brand called MNGLD supply which allowed me to share a creative vision with my community and have a positive impact on others. Operating that project also gave me a solid sense of purpose I had not yet experienced before.

I knew that I eventually needed more life experience and that I had to peruse something meaningful to ultimately be happy, so I made the decision to enroll myself in a program that could equipped me with the skills necessary to work in the field that I desired.

How did you learn (or are learning) your skills?

While running my streetwear brand, all my skills were self-taught. I was driven enough to research via internet, YouTube and instruction manuals. Doing a little reverse engineering and garment tracing helped me to develop some patternmaking skills. My adobe suite knowledge can be credited to YouTube as well as the instruction of my sister who is a trained graphic designer.

In September of 2020 I enrolled myself in VCAD, and from there I was able to further develop my skills in garment construction, drafting and design theories.

Who are you as a designer? Aesthetic? Customer? Brand?

I like to consider myself a contemporary and experimental designer. My aesthetic naturally has a more edgy appeal to it, and I'm working to develop products that boarder the line of clean, functional and innovative while still being wearable in an everyday setting.

My customer is generally a millennial person who has an interest in unconventional daily fashion. The attitude of an individual who likes to stand out from a crowd and is empowered by the garments they wear; having the belief that the way we present ourselves affects the way that our surroundings react with us.

Overall the brand will be summed up with the words ‘bold, confident and independent’.

What comes easiest for you as a designer? What is hardest?

As a designer the things that come most natural to me is tearing holes into clothing, I started as an experimental grunge and punk style designer, so distressing always stays second nature to me.
I find making things that are “pretty” are a lot more difficult. I chose to design a women's wear collection to give myself a challenge, in which I am still developing my ability to merge my more roughened style with feminine and sexy silhouettes that empower women’s bodies.

Where do you find inspiration for the designs your create?

I am able to find inspiration through quite eclectic sources. Depending on the project, the inspiration will come from a combination of music, visual art, lifestyle, culture and my own personal life experiences. Once I am able to develop a concept, I deep dive by saturating my mind and living alongside those references to continually generate consistent ideas.

What can you share with readers about the collection you showcased on the runway at VFW SS23? Do you have a favorite look in this collection?

The inspiration for my “Esteemed Resonance” collection was heavily influenced by contemporary sculpture art and rock and roll music as well as business professionalism. The “contemporary professional rockstar” look translated into using layered draping and tie methods, with a juxtaposition of hard lines, clean finishes and a more aggressive appearance on classically elegant silhouettes. Having subtle yet functional chain features allowed me to keep things a bit more rocker chic while the use of suiting and evening wear fabrics support mindset of a person who can be a successful entrepreneur during the day, and a rock and roll badass by night.

My favorite looks include the collared shirt dress that has a tie method engineered into it to sinch at the waist, and the fur bustier and layered lace denim. Encapsulating the energy of this individual in the office but also at a show in the evening time.

You were the recipient of the Nancy Mak award? What was your reaction and how will this help you as you move forward in your career?

My initial reaction was a little bit of shock, I was actually the first recipient to be awarded before the showcase at VFW. I was granted a meeting with Jamal who saw my portfolio and the capsule I made as a graduation collection, once hearing my story and my history of being an independent designer running a clothing brand, he was more than happy to put me forward to show internationally and represent Vancouver.

Being able to showcase internationally and getting recognition by big named publications such as Vogue Mexico, Elle Italia and Metal Magazine has been surreal. Moving forward this type of experience really distills confidence in myself and hopefully in others who chose to work with me on future projects

Can readers purchase the collection you showcased? If yes, how?

Currently all designs are tailor made and made to order. I am starting to educate myself more on the logistics of small batch production as well as setting up an online service to move product and reach a larger audience. All inquiries can be sent in the contact form on

What's next for you as a designer?

To build my entrepreneurial skills while further developing my design abilities. The learning never stops. I will be takin opportunities as they come while continuing to produce for myself and learning the business side of things.

In closing, is there anything else you'd like to share 

I'm just super grateful to have gotten the opportunity to continue doing what I love doing and can't thank my mentors Jason and Wen-chee enough, as well as the rest of the staff at VCAD for sharing their industry wisdom and experience while pushing me to improve myself. Also, a big thank you to Jamal and the VFW /GFC teams for the amazing opportunity to share my creations with the world.

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