The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn by Amber A. Logan

Cracked doesn’t always mean broken.

Synopsis - 

Grieving her mother’s death, Mari Lennox travels to Kyoto, Japan to take photographs of Yanagi Inn for a client. As she explores the inn and its grounds, her camera captures striking images, uncovering layers of mystery shrouding the old resort—including an overgrown, secret garden on a forbidden island. But then eerie weeping no one else in the inn seems to hear starts keeping her awake at night.

​Despite the warnings of the staff, Mari searches the deep recesses of the old building to discover the source of the ghostly sound, only to realize that her own family’s history is tied to the inn, its mysterious, forlorn garden . . . and the secrets it holds.

Review - 

Wow. I find myself unsure about how to share my thoughts on the wonderful book by Amber A. Logan. While she has written shorter pieces, edits and teaches, as far as I can discover this is her first full length published novel. Well done. I couldn't put it down.

Right from the start we are drawn into the life and struggles of photographer/gallery owner Mari Lennox. Her story begins with the death of her mother, but what follows is set mostly in Japan where she goes on assignment to take pictures of the Yanagi Inn. From the moment of her arrival, she knows something is off.  The inn and gardens are in terrible disrepair. Although they speak of other guests, she never sees anyone but two staff.  And then there are the sounds - loud choruses of cicadas no one else seems to hear as well as the sound of a child crying in the wee hours.  There is also a small island with the bridge gone that seems to be drawing Mari in, but it is forbidden to go there. 

As she spent many years as a child in Japan, Mati finds a deep sense of rightness that surrounds all she does and experiences while exploring. The images she takes turn from what she thought she would focus on, to sights that draw her eye. She senses a mystery to be discovered, but the inn and its gardens do not easily give it up. This is a beautiful tale of grief, loss and redemption told both in current time as well as through well placed flashbacks - each revelation adding one more piece to the puzzle. 

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Meet the Author - 
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Amber A. Logan is a university instructor, freelance editor, and author of speculative fiction living in Kansas with her husband and two children—Fox and Willow. 

In addition to her degrees in Psychology, Liberal Arts, and International Relations, Amber holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

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