International Fashion Gala 2022 - Meet VCAD Design Students Komal Chharahhan, Sabrina Laprise and Sarah Arkinstall

David Chen's International Fashion Gala 2022 will be held Nov. 14th, 7-10 p.m. at the Vancouver Club, 915 West Hastings in Vancouver. One the the wonderful shows to hit the runway this evening, is a fashion showcase featuring the three talented VCAD Fashion Design students introduced below. Tickets to attend can be purchased on Evenbrite HERE!

Komal Chharahhan, Ginni Gill Design

Designer Quote -
“I want to be sure that curvy women are represented in fashion. I feel many women put themselves in a
cage, locking away their identity as they try to fit into a preconception of what is beautiful. I want to
unlock their power, encouraging women to express their truth in as bold a way as possible. We need to
encourage women in this way, to have complete freedom no matter their shape or size.”

Bio - 
Growing up in Punjab, Komal was surrounded by creativity. At her grandmother's knee, she learned
the importance of patience. With each thread, spun from fibers of the earth, she quietly stitched her
dreams together. As an adult, Komal appreciates the slowness of design, focusing on details that share
relevance with the wearer. Her focus is on the technical preparation of patterns, drafted by hand or
digitally designed, with keen attention to garment construction, fit and technical efficiencies.

About the Collection -
The Nightingale is a symbol of beauty and melody, and/or a symbol of darkness and mysticism.


Nightingale, by Komal Chharahhan
she’s a fiery mess
of passion & rage
she’s sick & tired
of living in a cage
she tore off her arms
so, her wings could break free
and flew like a bird instead, being grounded like a tree


Contact -
Sabrina Laprise, Pouvoir

Designer Quote - 
“I think fashion is so personal. It’s really a beautiful metaphor of how you feel about yourself, and it
can be expressed in so many ways. But it shouldn’t be dictated by trends. Every woman should be able
to redefine beauty in their own way, sharing what they feel is most beautiful, revealing only what they
wish in a manner that suggests a delicate balance of personality and expression.”

Bio -  
Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Sabrina Laprise moved to Vancouver, BC to follow her dreams
of becoming a fashion designer. French couture has always been an influence, focused on the precision
of craft and the slow miniscule details that result in exquisite beauty. Expressing her art through her
hands, Sabrina enjoys the personal attachment derived from quiet couture methods.


About the Collection -
Pouvoir: French word for Power
Power resonates through individuality, and it is through a woman’s own courage that her confidence
finds clarity. Attitude is unique to each of us – sometimes it is quiet, seeping slowly, and other times it
is bold and clear, in a language all its own. I wanted to show how women use various forms of power
as a means of expression.


Contact -
  • Cell - 514-210-3048
  • Email -
  • Instagram - @sabrina.laprise
Sarah Arkinstall

Designer Quote -

“I love to create clothing for women with a more avant-garde personality. Fashion is such a powerful
art form and historical references really guide my design principles, adding layers of research to an
idea. I think looking back is as important as looking forward, trying to understand old construction
techniques, and applying them in unexpected ways so they have social relevance today.”

Bio - 
Sarah has been drawing and stitching since she was a child growing up in Spruce Grove, Alberta. With
an eye for rich color, extravagant detailing, and sumptuous textiles, she received her Bachelor of Arts
with History major from MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta in 2018. In search of a career path
that would utilize her love of historic clothing, Sarah earned her Diploma of Fashion Design with a
Specialization in Marketing from Visual College of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC in 2022.
Whether Sarah is creating historic replicas with boned corsetry and crinolines or reimagining the old
world for today’s avant-garde fashion, Sarah is threading her way into the world of fashion and
costume one stitch at a time.


About the Collection - 
Inspired by 18th century fashion, this collection merges French aristocrats with modern socialites,
bringing an edge to the delicate feel and look of rococo fashion. Taking elements from historical
silhouettes, combining them with a modern fit, and complementing them with contemporary fabrics,
the collection is designed for exquisite queens of the new age.


Contact -
  • Cell - 587-338-6577
  • Email -
  • Instagram - @hausarkinstall
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