Prognosis Critical by Gary Birken

Where deadly secrets are the norm...Even for those who've sworn to help.

Synopsis -

Three weeks after completing her residency in pediatric cardiology, Dr. Jacey Flanigan moves from the Pacific Northwest to Manhattan to begin her career at the prestigious Children’s Heart Hospital. But after an unpleasant encounter with an arrogant heart surgeon on her first day, Jacey begins to realize that the medical profession is not what she expected. She learns that enigmatic physician behavior and questionable cardiac surgical practices are cloaked in secrecy—and she is expected to follow suit. . . .

Jacey soon finds herself facing the difficult moral dilemma: turn a blind eye to malpractice and protect her fledgling career, or dig deeper into suspicious activity and face the consequences?

Review -

Prognosis Critical is first and foremost a medical thriller.  There is a mystery to solve, there are unexpected deaths, and most frightening of all is it centers around vulnerable young children. These are all definite trigger points for me. so I knew I would be affected reading this book. 

Dr. Jacey Flanigan truly shined in her pediatric residency. While she had many offers to chose from, she decides to join The Children's Heart Hospital in Manhattan based on it's incredible reputation.  From the moment she arrives, her instincts start whispering that something is off.  The surgeons are touchy about anyone, including the cardiologists, helping with their patients. Most won't even let anyone outside their team watch their surgeries. Even more interesting is they won't operate unless they have their specific team.

And the numbers are off. The young patients they operate on have a recovery rate for surgery that is way out of line with the results at hospitals around the country. Then one of Dr. Flanigan's friends has a child who almost dies awaiting surgery, even though he was totally stable when she checked him earlier. That event was the final straw for Flanigan.  She knows something is off and cannot let it go.  It's time to start figuring it out what is going on. The question is how to do that without raising flags with the powers at be.

Even more scary is that two professionals who raised questions before have died and there seems to be a man following her every time she is away from her work. Can Jacey find the answers on whatever devious is going on without destroying her career, or even worse, losing her life? The race is on. 

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Meet the Author -
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Dr. Gary Birken is a pediatric surgeon living in South Florida. He is the author of seven novels of medical suspense, five of which were originally published by Penguin Random House. They include: FINAL DIAGNOSIS, EMBOLUS, PLAGUE, and CODE 15. He is also the author of ERROR IN DIAGNOSIS, which was published under the name of Mason Lucas. His two passions in life are medicine and story writing. He spends whatever leisure time remains playing tennis, golf, and spending as much time as possible with his ten grandchildren. He also holds a black belt in martial arts, teaches women’s self-defense, and is a certified private pilot.

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