A New Year Begins

For me, the new year always begins on January 16th. Why? It's my birthday. I've never been a big fan of my own birthday for some reason. I'm not sure exactly why. And as you grow older, the number of years passed can become intimidating.  There is the realization you have more years lived behind you than probably are awaiting ahead of you. Every day above ground is a gift, but I have to admit I don't like seeing the number of possible years ahead decline. 

I know that all sounds pretty negative and I apologize. While not really my intention, I find myself weary of being told age is just a number. It isn't. It is full of blessings and opportunities to continue to learn, expand and grow which I embrace with gratitude and joy. It is also full of challenges such as physical limitations, dealing with the loss of family and friends, and the impact of ageism so prevalent in our North American society. 

For the past three years, I chose to keep my focus on the positive by createing a bucket list challenge (2020 - 2021 - 2022). The first year it was amazing. It pushed me to embrace new experiences, to push me out of the house, to travel to new places, read books from a wider variety of authors.  It was amazing.  Year two was pretty good too, but last started strong, but one day realized my year was already full and I wasn't using my current challenge at all.  Maybe the lessons learned the first two years had become a habit.

For 2023, I am not going to create a new list.  I've already decided on my theme for the year - WINGS - which I shared in my article published January 2nd.  It embraces all of my hopes and dreams both personally and professionally this year.  I intend to soar high, to explore new places, support local artists, attend unique events, make more time for friends, and not only continue to create new work, but to publish.  

How will I do this without my Bucket List Challenge?  This year I intend to have a morning mantra, something that reinforces spreading my wings and soaring. I am ready. The world is ready. It is time.  I had hoped for that in 2022, but instead found myself strongly drawn to exploring new writing genres, taking writing courses, and creating a habit of showing up, a writing routine I embraced every day.  So I shifted.

Will 2023 be the year I follow through on my publishing dreams? It is my intention, but I honestly have no idea. I will show up every day and work towards that goal.  At the same time I will allow my heart, my intuition, to lead the way. I let go of the need to drive and turn the wheel over to my instincts.  Last year the shift was one I truly needed, so I promise this year I will work towards my dreams with my eyes wide open and senses alert for doors that might appear, or chances to turn left into unknown territory.

poster-quote-tracee-ellis-ross- no-fear-new-year

Goals and dreams are great motivators. They keep us reaching for the stars and our energy high.  They are not the full story, though, as we cannot imagine all the possibilities awaiting us or experiences available. Keeping aware of there may hidden gifts available along the way, and being willing to take a leap of faith off a cliff when your heart says FLY, can transport us to magical places.

Today I will write down my goals and dreams, creating a map to give myself focus. Today I will also write a supporting mantra to repeat every morning before I begin my day, one that reminds me my map is incomplete. I will accept the fact I cannot see all the of what lies ahead, or what new directions I might take. I simply commit to one step at a time towards my future and embrace a willingness to be open to changing direction.

Happy birthday to me! 2023 awaits with open arms.