The Instagram WOW Factor: How To Build A Spectacular Online Presence by Jackie Diy

Social Media Has Become Our Most Powerful Ally (But Only If We Use It Right!

Synopsis -

Before the advent of social media, we only had the radio, newspaper and TV as our main sources of information. Learning and education were achieved through schools. With social media, things have changed dramatically and I’d say it is for one powerful reason: This time, there is that ‘almost personal’ connection between strangers who somehow find something in common that brings them together. We meet “for the first time” by seeing and liking a social media post, we comment and if we feel that bond, we send private messages. 

There exists a more private relationship that does not exist between the reader and the newspaper, the listener and the radio, or the audience and the television and that is what you – as the content creator – are able to use whether you want to educate, entertain, inspire, promote your products and services, or curate content. On social media, you are able to connect with your audience and keep them in your circle of friends, associates, supporters, future business partners and cheerleaders. My goal is to help you build that connection between you and your audience enabling you to grow your Instagram organically in a most rewarding manner.

Review - 

Are you just starting out on Instagram, or have you been on their for years but never really gaining any traction?  The Instagram WOW Factor: How To Build A Spectacular Online Presence by Jackie Diy is a great place to begin. The book isn't long, just 59 pages, but within those pages are tons of relevant information on how to build your Instagram presence and way to attract attention. 

The ten chapters included cover a wide range of topics from effective presentation, to standing out.  I personally am in total agreement with her thoughts on being authentic, building genuine relationships and focusing on valuable content. Chapters three through ten also have challenges to get you going, and a check list to mark off when complete.

The book is easy to understand and is focused on offering step by step how-to's for who are lost at how to effectively use their Instagram presence. 

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Meet the Author - 
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Jackie Diy is a Co-Founder of eveRIAthing TV, a social media presence, content creator, and co-author of the bestseller, Pursuit:365, a book featuring 365 empowering Canadian women. She has a BA in Commerce for De La Salle University and worked her way up the corporate ladder to become the only female on the executive team of a highly successful pre-need education company.  A family crisis, meant leaving that job. After a few years she started her own real estate company. 

Her family left Manila in 2001 to become landed Canadian immigrants.  After working in several fields, in 2005 she founded the Gifts School of Theatre Arts and then in 2013 she co-founded eveRIAthing TV.  In 2021 she branched out to launch her own inspirational platform - Jackie DIY.  This was followed in 2023 by the launch of her first book The Instagram WOW Factor: How To Build A Spectacular Online Presence, where she shared social media tips and strategies learned from her extensive industry experience.

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