Poetry - Today I Rest

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

Today I Rest
by Marilyn R. Wilson

The throbbing beat of anxiety
A palpable deep rhythm 
So many threads to unwind,
So many fires to put out.
So many deadlines looming.

Despite embracing a slower tempo,
And the gentle structure of most days,
Moments of frantic chaos arise.
I drive pedal to the metal,
Rushing ahead, full of doubt.
Juggling frantically I ponder -
Is there time to make urgent decisions?
Can my project be completed on time?
Will our travel plans hit any snags?
Were any crucial details forgotten?

Desperately I seek to find
Protection from the chaos outside
By cocooning in my quiet home,
Immersed in a calm pool of creation.
Here I find a luxurious Xanadu for one.

But the world can be forceful.
Blasting in through my front door
Without invitation or welcome.
Invading my island of peace.
A tsunami breaching my shore.

This time it is my own fault.
Travel plans, writing plans, reno plans...
Were allowed to walk hand in hand,
I ride atop a trio of wild, bucking stallions.
Desperately trying not to fall off.

In this place of chaos I choose...
To grab the reins and hold on tight.
To step into stillness and breathe.
To amble along the river.
To sink into a yoga rhythm.

Letting it all go for a hour or a day.
Saying no and walking away.
Each creates a moment of emptiness,
A space for my heart’s whispers to be heard. 
Today I rest..................