Interview with Charlene SanJenko - Publisher, Producer, Storyteller and founder reGEN Impact Media and PowHERhouse

Please share with readers a bit of your story, the journey that led you to where you are today. Were there signs when young this would be your direction? Or was it passion that came later

One of my earliest memories is getting up early, like really early before my parents, and sitting at the table to colour. I would create projects and show them to my mom when we work up. Creative expression has always been a priority. The entire way I conduct myself in business and leadership is an act of creative expression.

In the mid-90's I worked for a privately held investment firm with 18 offices across Canada. At the time, impact investment was nothing more than a pipeline. I watched, listened, and learned to some of the best players in the finance industry at structuring new business deals to bring companies to market or privately finance their growth. Much of what I do now in the area of social impact, inclusive innovation, and regenerative media is influenced by what I learned early on in my career. I always say, "When we start to structure impact deals like we do other business deals, then we'll experience expansive, scalable impact that will shift our future's narrative."


You pursue many directions. Can you share a little bit about your work as a storyteller and producer, as well as the focus of your two companies?

As a storyteller, it's been important to me to live what I teach. At reGEN media, we believe that a healthier filmmaking process, combined with a healthier distribution model will result in healthier audiences, which will create a healthier culture.

We're resourcing and catalyzing experiments in the business of media-making, to increase access, encourage inclusive innovation, and expand towards forms of creating and sharing stories that heal. As we work on these solutions, it was important to me to experience the process at a grassroots level.

PowHERhouse is my first organization, and we're celebrating a decade of championing changemakers this year! We're an impact amplifier. We're deeply committed to this work and believe at as the work of changemakers is amplified, its ripple grows and fuels hope, possibility, and change.

Basically, throughout my career, I've worked on one area of focus from two different ends of the spectrum: The elevation of the human condition utilizing the power of story and the vehicle of regenerative media to shift mindsets and belief systems by providing nourishing experiences that heal, inspire, and transform. Just like when I was six years old, I create to heal, and work on systemic solutions that allow others to do the same..

I'm building a growing media franchise, including a regenerative film studio, impact amplifier network, and forthcoming publishing house, for this purpose.


You just announced PowHERhouse launched a collaborative impact partnership with Revolutionary Woman Global. Readers would love to know a bit about RWG and focus of this new collaboration. What do you hope to create or accomplish together?

We are very excited about this partnership as it models where we are going in our next chapter of expansive impact. We're building a global network of impact amplifiers. Revolutionary Woman Global has a long history of community development, bi-cultural partnerships, and transformative circle-leadership facilitation. They play a parallel and complementary role that allows PowHERhouse to focus on impact amplification and scalable impact deal-making (partnerships). We are excited to announce our next partnership in the coming weeks.

You've just released a new film called Coming Home For the Children featuring former Splatsin Kukpi7 Wayne Christian, and hosted yourself, a 60's scoop survivor raised by adoptive white parents. What inspired this movie and why was this the right time to tell Wayne Christian and your stories?

This project started out as a documentary about Wenecwtsin, Wayne Christian. I was fascinated by Chief Wayne's story and his leadership. It was only as I began to pull the thread of the story that we started to realize how very interconnected our stories are. From there, I trusted the process, the guidance of our ancestors, and only looking back now at all that has transpired in the past couple of years am I starting to understand the bigger purpose of this story and its work in the world. 
Our press release is HERE. Buy link to get tickets at the Vernon Towne Theatre for October 24 is HERE.

The poster for Coming Home For the Children includes this important subtitle -"We can heal ourselves and our families in three generations if we keep it a sacred priority." Can you share more about what this means and how the wider community can support this process?

One of the lessons I've learned from Chief Wayne is a call to parents, leaders, and adults. We have a responsibility to heal ourselves and our families. This isn't only an invitation for Indigenous families, it's an invitation for all families to focus on international healing at this time. 

While I know there are a few local viewings, how can readers who do not live in those areas view this movie?

Yes, we are starting with screenings in our home communities this year and will focus on more community screenings, guest appearances, and panel opportunities next year. We invite readers to join us for a virtual screening on Monday, October 30th, at 4-5:30 pm Pacific for a screening of the film and a dialogue with Chief Wayne and myself. The link to RSVP for this virtual screening is:

Is there anything you would love to share in closing?

There are a number of ways to plug into our work with PowHERhouse and reGEN for those whom it calls to. PowHERhouse is currently readying changemakers for their next chapter of expansive impact in 2024. We have a 90-day AMPLIFY starter package we'd love to share about as well as an invite for artists, creative entrepreneurs, and filmmakers to learn more about reGEN's 2024 Cohort in Regenerative Creation. Registration is now open at these links -

Coming Home For the Children - 2023 trailer from reGEN media on Vimeo.