Vancouver Fashion Week FW24 LaSalle College Vancouver Fashion Design Student Showcase

LaSalle College Vancouver fashion design students will be showcasing their collections on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week FW 24 on Thursday, April 25th at 6:20 P.M. Purchase tickets HERE!


From the VFW Website -

Fashion is about so much more than clothes – it’s a multi-billion-dollar, world-wide industry brimming with opportunities for those who have the drive, skills and training. LaSalle College Vancouver’s Fashion programs are globally renowned for setting the standard of innovative and supportive fashion design and marketing education. LaSalle College Vancouver conceived its fashion programs with the same attention to detail used in the construction of a garment. The courses were designed to put graduates at the forefront of the industry with real-world skills they’ll use every day.

From the classroom to the runway, students get the chance to showcase their vision at special events, competitions, fashion shows and photo shoots while they develop their portfolio. As designer Ralph Lauren said, “Fashion is about something that comes from within you.” At LaSalle College Vancouver, we help you bring what is inside you to the world stage.

Frida Guzman Perez
Collection: Figura Istrumentale

BIO - My design work is deeply influenced by haute couture, characterized by meticulous attention to details that elevate each creation. Drawing inspiration from the realms of science and technology, I bring a unique perspective to product development that encourages connection between consumers and brands.

CONCEPT - Inspired by the intricate beauty of the human musculoskeletal system, each piece is a harmonious blend of science and fashion. From the structured contours echoing anatomical forms to the textural richness reminiscent of organic tissues, this collection pushes the boundaries of traditional design. With a focus on the intersection of anatomy and textile manipulation.

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Winnie Tran
Collection: Testament

BIO - With a costuming background, Winnie Tran is an artist who weaves nuance into every stitch of her work. Dedicated to using textiles as an exploratory tool, her designs are a testament to the power of curiosity and unforeseen outcomes. Using shapes and silhouettes as a metaphor for connection, Winnie provides a platform for her audience to engage in a conversation that seeks to restore a soulful connection between people and the clothes they wear.

CONCEPT - Winnie Tran's collection "Testament" explores the beauty of impermanence through rust dyeing, rich textures, and translucent forms that encourage us to embrace the natural process of decay. Inspired by the transience of life, each piece tells a story of transformation while blending urban silhouettes with elegance. "Testament" encourages a celebration of the profound aesthetic of erosion over time, where every flaw earns its rightful place in its inevitable journey.

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Ana Paula Reynaud
Collection: Xeometria

BIO - With a laser-sharp focus on the business of fashion, this Mexican designer has experienced the practice of fashion design from a very young age, captivated by the beauty of shapes, colour, structures, and dimensions, she uses design to communicate her journey, dreams, and path. With a thirst for knowledge and the unending acquisition of new skills, she brings artistic ingenuity to her craft that blossoms with possibilities.

CONCEPT - She built the collection with the research question “How do we integrate architectural elements into fashion design”. The way to achieve the fusion of both fields is by using architectural elements in fashion like pleating, folding, and layering to “build a solid structure”. Just like architects we build our own identity through curiosity, we build layers of strength as protection. All these elements are implemented in the collection, another main theme of my collection is to share her journey as a designer to tell a story and empower creatives and future creatives to follow their dreams and pursue their goals.

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Monica De Lara
Collection: For(e)ward

BIO - Monica De Lara, a Filipino-Canadian born and raised in Vancouver, transitioned from accounting to fashion, driven by a passion for technical design. Her meticulous attention to trims and fabrics defines her signature style as she seamlessly blends street fashion to contemporary aesthetics. Always pursuing and overcoming new challenges, she strives to appeal to local and international audiences, inspiring others to embrace creativity and uniqueness.

CONCEPT - From the combination of 'foreword' and 'forward', this collection embodies confronting uncertainty and daring to step forward towards personal growth. Monica draws inspiration from her personal journey, transforming depression into an asset rather than a setback, recognizing that there is beauty in sadness and perfection in flaws. Through meticulous design choices, such as color palettes, fabric selections, and garment silhouettes, this collection visually expresses sadness in each outfit, inviting viewers to contemplate the intertwining of creativity and melancholy.

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Anahita Heydari
Collection: Romantic Samsara

BIO - Anahita Heydari is a storyteller who views fashion as an artistic tool for healing. As a designer, she takes inspiration from personal experiences and stories to help others feel seen, heard, and empowered. She aims to combine her knowledge of fashion and psychology to make this dream a reality.

CONCEPT - Romantic Samsara, is a story about the endless pattern of falling in and out of love, and the growth inspired in us with each experience. This collection takes you through an emotional journey of mistrust, lust, love, grief and letting go. Romantic Samsara aims to trigger a perspective shift on how we view loss and to highlight the importance of surrender. When parting ways with a loved one, many of us forget the beauty that once was evident in our relationships. Instead, can we accept everything as it is, and let go of the desire to possess what or who we love? Instead of holding on to a person, can we hold on to the love that exists within us and pour it into something beautiful?

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Sara Yasaei
Collection: Supernova

BIO - Sara Yasaei, a visionary fashion designer from Iran with a background in Mathematics and Astrophysics, is influenced by her lived experiences. Motivated to question societal norms through the medium of fashion, she invites the audience to view bittersweet stories, which they may not have experienced firsthand, from a semi-surrealist point of view.

CONCEPT - This collection explores the structures that had to be bent for freedom to emerge, focusing on the women who shaped and challenged these structures, as well as those who were broken in the process. Sara’s narrative forms the backbone of this collection, detailing her personal experiences with this social issue. The story unfolds through color and silhouettes, each representing a stage of the journey (Eruption, Bending, Explosion). Visual elements, including tailoring, serve as symbolic representations of the narrative's themes.

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Anna Pan

BIO - Anna Pan, a Chinese designer, endeavors to bring her creative concepts to diverse industries, encompassing fashion, fine art, architecture, and furniture. Her meticulous attention to detail distinguishes her work, as she prioritizes not only aesthetics but also the finer intricacies of her designs. Her ongoing quest for knowledge and mastery of various techniques empowers her to produce a diverse array of fashion apparel. Leveraging her expertise in fashion, she seeks to fuse classical with futuristic elements, crafting a distinctive artistic journey for her audience.

CONCEPT - Immersed in the stream of memories, time gradually grinds to a halt. All ephemeral beauty dissipates abruptly, leaving behind an abyss of perpetual darkness and solitude. Faced with alternative choices, would individuals persist along the identical path towards the future? This series endeavors to exemplify the exquisite narratives of the past and future, woven by every equally pure and pristine existence, amid the diverse interpretations of history.

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