VALT 2016 Interview with Harrison Oswald, Emcee for VOLUME

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VOLUME ~ Saturday, November 19, 2016 (8-11pm)

To hear, to be deafened, or to play with enormity or slightness.

VALT 2016 will be held November 17th through 20th at The Chinese Cultural Centre, 50 E. Pender Street in Vancouver, BC!

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Interview With Harrison Oswald!

Image by Martin Photography

Where were you born? Where did you grow up? What were you like as a kid/teen?

I was born in Burnaby B.C. and grew up in Langley. I loved science, making art, and singing in choir. I ended up falling in love with being back stage for my high school drama productions and if I wasn't in the school lab, I was learning everything I could about stagecraft and costuming.

Looking back, where there any early signs you would embrace your current career?

I guess so, I never really envisioned myself working in my current industry, but I would be twelve year old me's hero. I have always loved building things and finding outlets for my creative side.

What currently are you involved with: work, hobbies, charity, other?

I'm a stage builder and general fix it guy for film and television, I have been blessed with being able to help build some fantastic sets and work in interesting productions. I have a habit of lighting myself on fire for the enjoyment of others I love fashion, sewing and making outrageous clothing and costumes.

What 3 things would you like people to know about you?

  • Despite what people say, I cant actually divide by zero.
  • I'm hooked on a feeling, so high I'm believing.
  • Yes, I am always this loud.

How did you become involved with VALT?

I was a spectator the first two years of VALT; I enjoyed how fresh It was. VALT 2014 I made a head piece for one of the emcees, and last year I got roped into being the "heavy" backstage.

What do you personally feel VALT brings to the Vancouver scene that is unique?That it is unique. Mainstream Vancouver fashion and art has an identity problem, but VALT doesn't. VALT is unapologetically Vancouver. It is raw, it is vibrant, and most importantly, VALT is excited to showcase new ideas. 

Please share a favourite memory from a previous season of VALT.
Do I have to pick just one? Shit. Well, Oculto's masks in 2013 rocked my world.

How did you end up becoming an emcee for VALT 2015?
I'm not sure, but I was asked and I am honored to host an evening of brilliant art and fashion.

What is the theme of the night you are emceeing? What do you hope to bring to the evening in term of performance?

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VALT Bio - Harrison Oswald

Harrison Oswald's first crush was Grace Jones, and he has been a slave to fashion ever since. After a brief stint as a Vancouver crust punk, Harrison joined the Canadian Armed Forces and learned the finer points of being cold, firearms maintenance, and tailoring. After his service, Harrison started working and volunteering in the alternative scene as a fire performer, club doorman, prop maker, costume maker and all round unicorn. In 2011, Harrison entered university, where he has successfully dropped out of both his fine art and science degree programs in favor of working in the film industry. He has been behind the scenes of many fashion shows in Vancouver, volunteered at #VALT2015 and has a passion for the looks our local designers and artists create every year. Harrison is loud, boisterous, and lives to make people smile!