The Great Weight Debate: Get the Facts and Choose the Diet That's Right for You by Amy Newman Shapiro

No weight loss or health collection should be without this simple discussion of weight loss risks, benefits, and options. -- Midwest Book Review

Synopsis - 

​The Great Weight Debate helps you evaluate which diet will work for you and which can hurt you. It is your essential, trusted resource to sift through the minefield of recommendations and misinformation when choosing the best diet for weight loss success. The Great Weight Debate summarizes many popular weight loss plans and explains the principles and research behind each diet. It also highlights the factors that may or may not make the diet a healthy choice for you. It explains why and how to choose a diet that takes into account your food preferences and meets the needs of your lifestyle, schedule, and food availability. It will help you discover and understand the rules, food restrictions, and health risks of each diet. In addition, read up on the new trends, the latest buzz, and the results of the most up-to-date research science has to offer. So...Whether you choose Paleo, low carbohydrate, intermittent fasting, Whole30, or Mediterranean, do it with realistic expectations and do it smartly. Find weight loss success with The Great Weight Debate.

Review - 

I don't normally choose this type of book to read, but the idea of an overview of weight loss diets and trends instead of the push on a single diet track really appealed to me.  Author Shapiro didn't disappoint.  I need to go through parts of it again to absorb the wisdom she shared apart from the diet overview. 

There were several takeaways for me.  First was early on her emphasis on health as the first goal before weight loss.  Then there was the suggestion to switch diets occasionally so boredom doesn't set in. Another I really liked was the importance of choosing a diet that included foods you actually liked to eat. If you hate the food choices in a diet, your chance of sticking with it is very low. It was great she also reinforced the idea of using diets that taught portion control and healthy food choices, as this raised the chances of not just getting the weight off but keeping it off.  And her discussion of all the factors that affect weight loss outside of calories in - calories out took some of the pressure off. We are all unique and need our own unique approach. 

As to the diets, the author did have preferences.  Diets that included portion control, lots of fruits and vegetables, and all the nutrients received the biggest praise. I agree.  But she didn't rule out the others. She instead talked about when and how they could be used effectively and what nutrients you would be lacking.  One suggestion I think would work for a lot of people is a restrictive diet first to get the quick pound drop needed to motivate them, then switch to a more balanced diet that could safely be continued long term.

If you've been yo-yoing up and down, on the diet roller coaster, and/or not successfully maintaining your weight loss over time, this book will offer a lot of insight and maybe, just maybe, help you find a winning formula that will work for you. 

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Meet the Author -
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Amy Shapiro RD, CDN, CPT is a registered dietitian and professional speaker promoting wellness in corporate, clinical and private settings. With degrees in both Psychology and Nutrition, Amy’s focus is on behavior modification and lifestyle management. Additionally, Amy is a personal trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise and a wellness coach. With thirteen years of experience educating and coaching clients and worksite wellness groups to achieve weight loss success, Lose It For the Last Time is Amy’s first book. She is the mother of two grown children and lives with her husband on Long Island New York.

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