Poetry - Simply Be...

Simply Be... 
by Marilyn R. Wilson

When family who live
So far away
Arrive at your door,
It is easy to try
To do too much.
Too fill every moment. 

The desire is strong
To use every open space
For reconnecting, catching up,
And creating new memories.
There MUST be laughter,
There MUST be joy. 

Trust that life happens
Just as it is supposed to.
Joyous moments are best
When they are a surprise.
Conversations deepest,
When unexpected.

Time...so precious.
It's not to be wasted.
But remember...
Connecting deeply also means
Sharing the beauty of silence,
And the sorrow of tears. 

Relax, breathe,
Embrace the flow
Of each moment naturally.
Revel in the chaos,
Snuggle in the quiet
Simply be...