VALT2016 at 5: More than a Handful of Entertainment and Talent

Guest article by Randi Winter
Images by Peter Jensen Photography

Vancouver Alternative Arts &Fashion Week (VALT) at first blush is not your mother’s typical evening event, but both the designers, artists and audience prove that this largely underground arts scene has a very broad 19+ appeal regardless of age, gender or size.

Over this weekend, you can peruse a mini culture crawl by checking out the work of over 50 jury-selected artists, musicians, performers and designers, in a “celebration and promotion of unbridled creativity”. VALT encompasses wearable art, music (from solo musicians to full contemporary bands to electronic artists), drawing, painting, mixed-media works, sculpture, film (documentary, art film and narrative), performance art (from short theatrical works, to interpretive dance and beyond), photography and interactive installations.

VALT’s Gala gave everyone who attended a real insight both into what’s in store for VALT-goers this weekend as well as an insight into the past 4 years of VALT (Vancouver Alternative Arts & Fashion Week #VALT2016) through historical videos, highlighting the growth of VALT itself as well as the onstage and behind the scenes effort of designers, performers, artists of all types including the legions of dedicated makeup artists and stylists, musicians and volunteers. It would be impossible to produce as diverse and unique an event without any of these categories, but special kudos go to the tireless dedication and vision of Creative director and co-founder Kat Ferneyhough and Kat Kozak, Media director and Co-founder, and their team.

Thursday night’s opening remarks by Kieron Rhys Lillo as well as his makeup by Jennifer Little, gave us an insight into what was in store, as we were treated to teasers from most of the designers including perennial favorites like Carolyn Bruce Designs, Beauty by Impairment, Nicole Rose Designs and promising student designer Nathaly Barberi. Here is the full list of featured designers :
Alkymiya Gallery ,Alys' Wonderland, featuring Csinyos Creations, A.M.K, Bat-Fish Studio
Beauty By Impairment Designs, Carolyn Bruce Designs - Steampunk Jewelry, Debut Collection by Angela Nicholson, Faye Tality Couture, LittleKing Designs, Midnight Neon

Artwork displays include Famous Empty Sky, whose collection this year has an Oscar Wilde twist to the anime and fantastical multi media work of David Ringhton, Elaine Foster-Barrick, Flavia Chan, Irene Eaves, Jaclyn Lord-Purcell, Jenn Brisson, Jennifer Chernecki, Leilani Finch, Lydia Fu, Mad Betty, Marie Caldwell, Megan Majewsky, Phresha, Unky Lastrange and Vicki Lynn Rae.

Dani Barnes Fashion Show/Performance from House of Barnes was bittersweet as she will be soon leaving Vancouver for warmer climes. Her show in design and performance was greeted with cheers and accolades. Here is a video ofher performance/design from Thursday night Saturn Returns: A Cosmic Fairy Tale' debut performance at VALT. Musical Soundtrack from Dream Many Times. 

Dani will be greatly missed in the Vancouver event/design and performance community. For more info on her work check out 

The themes for Year V are VISION - VOLUME – VOICE. November 17-20 8pm-11pm
  • VISION ~ Friday, November 18, 2016 (8-11pm) - To see, to be blinded, or to have a glimpse into or an idea of the future.
  •  VOLUME ~ Saturday, November 19, 2016 (8-11pm) - To hear, to be deafened, or to play with enormity or slightness.
  •  VOICE ~ Sunday, November 20, 2016 (8-11pm) - To speak, to be silenced, or to have one's own ideas heard.

Want to see for yourself? Check out this amazing video by the multi-talented SHUTTER HOUSE Films crew to give you a taste of VALT! 

VALT has found its home at the Chinese Cultural Centre on 50 E. Pender Street and due to the nature of the show, please remember that tickets can only be bought PRIOR to attending the show. There are no tickets at the door. Here is the link to ensure that you get your weekend pass or individual tickets Just from me to you, to encourage you to come out, here is a discount code VALT2016GUEST

Want to know what the media says makes VALT so unique and special? Check out what Vancouver media mavens have to say about VALT…

"Vancouver is ALTernative.  This is the tagline for the annual Vancouver Alternative Arts & Fashion Week (VALT), which was proven to be true over its 3-day celebration of all things creatively alternative from our city’s artists.  The runway inside Chinatown’s Chinese Cultural Centre became a showcase of fashion that dares to colour outside the lines and stretch the wearer’s imagination to transform into whatever he or she dreams to be." ~ Aurora Chan, #VALT2015 Review for Style By Fire

"Vancouver is becoming a fashion and lifestyle destination globally. People come to the West Coast specifically because it encourages weird creativity and is permissive and liberal in it's attitudes towards people's lifestyle choices. VALT is a celebration of all of these things." - Tristan Risk
~ Marilyn Wilson, #VALT2015 Interview by Olio by Marilyn

Two last pieces of advice, besides not to miss Year V? DO bring your camera and Dress to Express!  

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