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Project Runway - Season 11, Episode 12

This week we see the final challenge deciding who will compete at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Heidi Klum clearly tells Michelle this is her do or die moment, "You really need to wow us to prove we made the right decision in giving you this chance."  Michelle tells the camera this changes nothing for her, "Every challenge has been a do or die challenge."  Tim Gunn reminds them that this is the biggest challenge of the season as it will show the judges what they can achieve. Each is again assigned a sewing assistant.

The world is their oyster this week - well, for everyone but Michelle. 4 designers are sent to Europe to get their inspiration and their sewing assistants will travel with them. Layana (with Samantha) is sent to Barcelona, Patricia (with Kate) to Paris, Daniel (with Amanda) to Berlin and Stanley (with Richard - what a bad pairing) to London. Michelle (with Tu) stays in NYC, but Tim reminds this is a fashion capital. Daniel has never been out of the country so is extra excited. Being born and raised in the U.S., I understand this, but do find it sad.  America is such a large country that many never feel the need to explore the rest of the world.  I know several who have never even had a passport.  Hopefully this episode will inspire them to open their eyes to what's out there.

The challenge this week is to create a high end runway look that is creative, spectacular and inspired by the city they visited. The budget is $1,000 and they are told the expectations are high. They will have one full day to be inspired by the city, sketch and shop for fabric. Then they head back to NYC to work. Heidi best sums it up as, "You go there, you suck it all in, hop back on a plane and start sewing." When they return they have one day to complete the look.  Guest judge this week is singer/songwriter and nine time Grammy winner John Legend.

Stanley was one of the top looks in my opinion. He was immediately inspired by the architecture in London, especially the Tower of London. His eyes kept floating up, "The further I go, the darker the figurines get and the darker the windows get. What if there was a woman who lived up there? What would she be wearing?"  So he went for dark. For fabrics, he wanted to include an amazing silk Chiffon with leather sequins.  At 140 pounds per meter, this sucked up $850 of his budget and ended up being just an accent in the final design.

In the end I think Stanley made 2 mistakes.  First was to hide the most expensive fabric away where it hardly showed. The chiffon with leather sequence was tucked where it just peeked out.  I personally wish where it demanded such a large part of his budget, that it had a more prominent place in his design. The judges did not agree with me, they loved it just the way it was. The second was to not have the model remove her cape on the runway.  It was when he was showing the gown afterwards that they were able to see the surprise low back and long zipper from the small of her back to the top of the slit. Judges comments include - absolutely love this, the shape is elegant and sleek, I think you turned up the volume, strong and simple, captured the elegance from the front and a surprise from the back and it has the mystery of London - Sherlock Holmes.

Michelle was my favourite.  I have loved her personality and design aesthetic from day one and this hasn't changed. There is just a very open and wild take on the world here that draws me and she is always open to change and advice, but runs it through her filter and morphs it into something uniquely her own. She was in a very bad space emotionally at being left behind while others took flight. While she and Tu travelled around NYC, what inspired her was the old buildings sandwiched in between new ones - often reflected in their glass windows. The stained old chimneys and furnaces particularly drew her eye. In the end she made a tailored, strapless wool cashmere dress and then "dirtied the bottom" edge to reflect the stained elements that were her inspiration. Over this was a quilted leather breastplate she laughingly referred to as Avant Turd. God I love her sense of humor. The cashmere fabric took up 1/2 her budget, so good or bad, there was no room for error as there was no money for an inch of extra fabric.

I personally thought this was the most innovative design - simple and yet totally out of the box.  Not all judges agreed on this. Heidi in particular didn't like the bottom saying it looked like a dirty horse blanket, but I think it fit in perfectly with her inspiration.  Remember - this is not ready to wear, it is supposed to be inspired by the city. Judges comments include - this is a comeback, you captured this city's spirit, I am thrilled you turned it around, I love this, the combination was very unexpected, the risk paid off, I see NYC in the dust on the bottom, it has that NYC quality. The judges also loved the back strapping and the fact she did the quilting herself.

Daniel is such a lovely person, but I have to admit I'm just not a fan of his work.  Week after week he puts out yet another jacket and no one calls him on it. WOW!  I am sure if you get up close and personal with the jacket in particular it is probably exquisite, but when it comes to innovation, I just don't think he has it and supposedly this show is about it. He loved the architecture in Berlin and was inspired by a the shape of a geometric, modern building. Amanda did her best to push his aesthetic to a younger hipper audience and he needs to thank her for that.  He decides to use leather, suede and silk to fashion a bias cut dress (always a challenge) and a white jacket. When they hit the local fabric store there is of course no leather, so he has to use white vinyl Pleather.  He takes it to the next level by creating a pair of matching boots that actually pull over a pair of heels.

All the judges loved it calling it phenomenal and saying things like - love the design, the boots pull the whole look together, love the drape of the jacket, very brave to work in white Pleather, you pulled it off, a young and modern hip girl, I see the inspiration of Berlin's architecture and hard and strong. They were unanimous in their praise. I have to agree in that his workmanship is always first rate, BUT if anyone else had put jacket after jacket down the runway they would have lambasted them. He lacks that forward thinking, original point of view that they are supposedly encouraging on this show.  I understand why they like this outfit, just don't know why they don't question his continuing to offer them another jacket.

Patricia is such a lovely, honest soul and so proud to represent her heritage, "I can really give something new in the eyes of the natives that will show the strength of who we are as people." Her joy at being in Paris was infectious and the fact she looked at something beyond the romance of the city was wonderful.  For her inspiration, it was the layers of street graffiti painted one over the other on the walls, "I am really drawn to the wall art. I'm starting to see more texture in the layers of history and can totally create fabric with all of this graffiti.  I'm not doing the romantic, whimsical Paris. I'm doing the true, gritty, make-a-statement Paris." What a cool take! True to the textile artist she is, the final vision is never clear from the start so she selected too much organza chiffon and had to put quite a bit back. She layered the different coloured fabrics to create the textile for the top that hinted at, "...installation graffiti painted with textiles." This was finished off with a pair of black pants and collar.

The judges did not love this which surprised me.  Again, this is all about originality and creating something unique. Instead of applauding her look at a different side of Paris, they questioned her not seeing the romantic side. Her assistant Kate was impressed saying, "I think Michelle's saving grace is her uniqueness. No one has ever seen a textile like this before."  Although he was not sold on this look, Zac was the most positive of the judges commenting - trash couture, I appreciate your textile development and painting with fabric, but a bit messy here. I'm always happy to see someone who takes risks. Heidi did feel the top was special, but felt it needed something more interesting to go with it than a pair of black pants. The guest judge felt it just didn't work. Nina was the harshest - I am a little underwhelmed, it looks like cotton candy gone wrong or a collage with paper mache and I don't feel Paris at all.

Layana was in the bottom this week and sent home one elimination shy of showing on the runway. It was tough as, although the judges didn't like her design, she was in love with it. While traveling in Spain, the passion of Barcelona, the stunning architecture and the beauty of all the tile detailing drew her. What she wanted to do was capture the old beauty of the city in a modern design. Initial drawings included a jacket out of leather that she would rework to reflect the intricate designs she saw, but there was no leather in the store. A lace that mimicked this design was available, so plan B was put into effect.

I actually love the stained glass look of the jacket created out of lace and piping.  I would wear it in an instant. There were a few mistakes though in meeting this challenge. The high collar and black vee that filled in the front needed to go.  I could see women wearing it as designed, but it made it look a little too staid on the runway for this challenge. The peach coloured ruffle-y cuffs peeking out were also bizarre. They had nothing to do with the rest of the design and were actually really distracting. Everything else was hard and sharp - so they rubbed as they didn't blend enough for a hard and soft look. The other mistake she made was saying the word OLD on the runway. The judges responded badly to it. Comments included - the sleeves are a big eyesore, this looks so old fashioned, I am shocked, she has no sex appeal, when you go to all this effort and have such a great model the women should look hot, go back to your roots with balance between edge and femininity as it got buttoned up here. Zac did feel she made some smart choices in the material.

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Worth The Fight

By Lynne West

Bipolar by liklucy on Devian Art
He is perched at the bar with a foolish smile stretched across his face. I ask him nicely, “So, why are you online?”

“HAHA, well, I’m totally bipolar,” he jokes, with an ecstatic smile across his face.

I am thinking to myself, “So the fuck what?” But I say nothing.

I don’t know what to say because I have Bipolar Disorder, and really, there isn’t much of a comedic element to this at all.

About one per cent of Canadians will experience Bipolar Disorder. The number is high when you put it in perspective, yet it is enough to make you feel alienated in a boisterous room full of people.

I do not have trouble meeting men. Physically, I am blessed. I have porcelain skin, big eyes, a pretty smile and a thin body.  But I am hiding who I really am while I sip my flat Pepsi.

Every week I drive in solitary silence to the dark psychiatric hospital ward for my appointment with a caseworker and psychiatrist. I anxiously tap my foot in the waiting room. I swallow a handful of bitter, acidic pills with lukewarm water.

Much like I sort my pills into a divider each week, I am trying to sort how men fit into my life. I am also fighting to stay alive.

Accept Me as I Am
And while I waste my time sitting here with this stupid guy I wonder why these facts make me any less beautiful.

I have always known that I am unusual and difficult to love. I feel shrouded by that word: Bipolar. I don’t want it to scare them away but I know it will. They can’t see the world the way I do.

Except there will be that one. I don’t need him to complete me or take care of me or provide for me. Unlike the others, he will understand. He won’t run and he won’t hide.

He will know, despite my usual smiling and vivacious self that sometimes, just sometimes, my liveliness dissipates. I am not always so perfect. Because that is how Bipolar Disorder works.

When this happens he will pick me up out of the empty bathtub and tousle my hair while I fall asleep in bed.

He will accept my manic enthusiasm with a knowing smile, and hold my hand from the doctor’s extra chair.

He will know that when I say the word “meow” with a grin stretched across my face, I have forgotten my meds. Even though he doesn’t have to, he will place them beside my computer with a glass of cold orange juice.

He will understand that bipolar disorder does not validate or define who I am as a person, at all.

He will hold me accountable for my sometimes unreasonable views about how the world works and how the other people are crazy instead of me and how vacuuming at 3 a.m. and cleaning invisible spots out of the carpet is not okay and that no, even Margaret Atwood would not agree with me.

I know this is a lot to ask for. But he will know just as well that I am worth the fight.

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Kwantlen Polytechnic University - Stefania Bussey

Four years completed, her grad show over - Stefania Bussey is now ready to step out into the real world and show the fashion world what she has to offer. First it was important to take some time off to spend with her amazing, supportive family and then she decided to splurge on a great vacation - a month of travel in Europe. Now rested, rejuvenated and back in Vancouver, this rising talent is ready to make her own unique mark.

Bussey was born in Toronto, but raised in Owen Sound, Ontario. The middle child and only girl, she had leadership skills from day one, loved being the centre of attention and always knew exactly what she wanted. While she tried everything from soccer, to dance, to piano to book clubs - it was fashion that would eventually win her heart. 

It began with her grandmother, an artist who encouraged Bussey to live a creative life. "I think it was fairly obvious that I would end up in a creative field, but it wasn't until I turned 12 that fashion came into the picture. Every summer I would spend a week at my grandparent's house and my dear Nanny would come up with a theme or project for the week. That summer she decided to teach me how to sew. We picked out a pattern and some pink flowery cotton fabric and went to work.  Not only did the dress get made, but a matching purse and hat. I was absolutely in love."

In high school, Bussey had very little interest in science and math, but spent a lot of time obsessing over Betsey Johnson and creating personal versions of the designer's eccentric prom dresses.  Student council, rugby and social time each had a place in her life, but it was the sewing room where she could usually be found. "I was so fortunate to have an amazing sewing teacher and fashion program at my school. By my senior year  I had already taken all the fashion classes available. My teacher ended up creating another class for two of us who were serious about getting into fashion school. We independently worked on projects to build our portfolios."

High school was also a time when "heroin chic" was all the rage. Bussey remembers looking at those images in the glossy fashion magazine while her body was becoming curvier and wondering how she could possibly look like those unrealistic role models. With a strong sense of self, she dared to be different and showed her peers that being confident meant being your REAL self. Embracing who you are just as you are is still important to her today and she hopes to become involved in organizations that support body diversity such as Vancouver's EveryBODY is Beautiful.

Bussey wanted to be in a Fashion Design program that offered a degree and first chose to apply to Ryerson University.  When the spirit-crushing notice came that she was waitlisted, she booked a one way ticket to Vancouver and signed up for a Fashion Illustration course at Emily Carr.  It was there she would meet Kwantlen Polytechnic University instructors S Lee (now retired) and Michael Pope. It was a life changing moment.  "It didn't take me two minutes to forget Ryerson and apply at Kwantlen.  Having gone through both processes, I could tell  Kwantlen would become a community. They cared enough to spend three full days sifting through each applicant's work.  It really was a no brainer, Kwantlen had to be my school." 

School was full of many amazing, hilarious and enlightening moments.  It also had challenges such as the need to be more analytical about her work and the difficulty of learning Adobe Illustrator. But in the end patience, perseverance and the support of the school's fashion community created a safe and positive atmosphere that fueled her creativity. Learning meant trying by doing, failing, trying again differently and continuing on until you learned what you liked and how to do it successfully. 

When it came time to design a Fall/Winter 2013 grad collection Bussey went back to her roots - the beauty in body diversity.  "It's about empowering women of all shapes to feel confident.  I have targeted influential leaders who are often in the media - offering these female role models clothing that stands behind a vision for a healthier mindset." The garments offer freedom of expression - give in to art and unexpected ideas. Using an androgynous colour palette, she combined tailoring techniques with strategic draping to support the abstract beauty of female curves. Leathers mixed with cashmere wool, solid tencel with sheer silk, faux suedes, printed nylons and a shaggy fur fabric were combined to produce a very tactile and visually appealing set of looks. Finishing touches were created with the use of hand dying and surface design.  When asked her favourite piece she responded, "I'm obsessed with the structure vs. drape dress and the cracked lapel blazer, but I honestly love all the pieces."

Bussey is now ready to confidently step into the fashion world. More experience working in the industry is top of the list, as is finishing the last eight looks in her collection. But under this all is her continuing commitment to change the industry in a positive way.  "It's time that the fashion industry starts taking responsibility and tries to restore societal perceptions of beauty and body image. If women start believing their bodies are beautiful, then young girls will too. We'll all be happier when we're allowed to love our bodies just the way they are.

To contact Stefania Bussey, please go to her website at

For more information on the fashion program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, go to their website at‎.

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Project Runway Season 11, Episode 11

At the start of the show this week, the five remaining designers are sent to the Hearst Building in Manhattan - a truly unique piece of architecture - where they get some GREAT news. They finally get to design and conceptualize on their own. I am absolutely shocked no one breaks into song or dance as they've been waiting the entire season for this moment. There is a small catch. Because every challenge is a team challenge this season, they will each have a sewing assistant to manage and direct.

This week it is Nina Garcia's time in the spotlight. The Hearst Building is the home of Marie Claire Magazine where she is fashion director and the magazine is their client. Nina has very specific instructions for this challenge, "We want you to create a fashion forward editorial look for a celebrity that will run in our May 2013 issue. The winning designer's look will be worn by the beautiful and talented Jordana Brewster. I don't want to see a red carpet look. I don't want to see t-shirts and pants.The look needs to be bold in the colour, in the shape, in the print, in the silhouette, in something! Do your best work. Do not disappoint me. Do not embarrass me."  Tim Gunn adds - "You're designing what's next, not what's now." They have 30 minutes to sketch, $250 to shop at Moods and one day to complete the look.

Back in the studio they learn that their sewing assistants will be designers that have been sent home. Stanley won the last challenge so was allowed to pick first - he chose Tu thinking he had great sewing skills, a mistake as that is not Tu's gift. It created a very negative work duo. The rest chose in order based on the dreaded button bag. Michelle chose Amanda (really great working team), Daniel chose Samantha (also worked well together), Layana chose Kate (okay) and Patricia ended up getting Richard (not good as they had a HUGE and ugly falling out previously). In the end Tim reminds them, "You are in charge of your vision, you are in charge of managing time and your sewing assistants. This is your design that's being presented to the judges. This is meant to enable you to be more ambitious than you could be on your own." Guest judge this week is actress Jordana Brewster who will be wearing winning the look.

Stanley (winning design) was clearly the only one who really listened, thought of it in terms of how it would work in a photo shoot and how it would look on Jordana. Kudos! My only dislike was how he treated Tu. It really was unpleasant to see this side of him. Stanley spent most of the time criticizing Tu's work and being negative. Not the way to get the best work out of anyone. That said - the final look was wonderful. He created something with versatility that would look good in close-ups or in full length. Judges comments include - it was smart of you to create 3 pieces because it gives options, the culottes are fabulous, I love the fact you played with volume, it's a highly editorial look, it's flirty, it looks fresh, it's elegant, it looks expensive and I love the fact it has pockets because it gives you something to play with.

Michelle was the bottom design but I put it second because I truly loved it. Even Layana commented on the fact she felt Michelle was her biggest competition. Here comes the huge BUT - she didn't listen to Nina's instructions which was no t-shirt and pants. I found this shocking as the one thing Michelle has consistently done is listen to criticism, run it through her personal filter and find a way to incorporate it. This week she screwed up big time while still creating one really hot look. I would love to ask her why as she is not normally one to ignore instructions. Judges comments - I am shocked how good you are with your sewing skills but wonder if it is enough for an editorial, if you crop it all you'll see is a white t-shirt, I do not think it is strong enough, the finish is impeccable, not special enough for this particular challenge and too much reality and not enough fantasy. While she was the obvious choice to be sent home, the judges recognized her talent and chose to send no one home this week. She was given one last chance - a  do or die moment - and if she doesn't rock it the next week, she goes home.  The other designers are shocked.

Layana did a great job this week interpreting her inspiration. Honestly - it wasn't my favourite but it fit the challenge well and the judges loved it which is really important. I included an image of the Hearst Building so you could see where her inspiration came from. For this look, Layana replicated the architecture of the building. Pieces of blue leather were cut to resemble the geometric shapes and linked together with small metal rings. The skirt is a light and sheer. There is a hard and soft which the judges found intriguing that I find a bit discordant for a reason I can't put my finger on which is weird because I love hard and soft - just something wrong with the skirt for me. The unusual shape of the neckline and blue colour would make a close-up still pop. Judges comments - I'm really proud of you, the top looks really good and architectural, the neckline is interesting, I love the shine coming from the leather, the colour is beautiful, it's sexy and bold, it's amazing and I think this would photograph really well.

Daniel just isn't my cup of tea and this week was no exception.  Again, great sewing and drafting skills, but really? This outfit reminds me of something you might see on a TV space fiction series. The shiny, stiff fabric and the lack of movement all shout disaster to me (a bit of fluidity in a garment is a great asset at a photoshoot as without it the model is really limited). Add in those weird shoulder projections and the looks is truly out there. And honestly, isn't this just another form of jacket from him, just without sleeves. Nina adores it and she is the client, but other comments were mixed - you gave Nina what she wanted but for me I see Victoria's Secret, [the shoulders are] almost like borderline little wings, a little bit gimmicky, didn't like the hook and eyes, I would like to see a long tulle skirt perhaps to balance the shoulders and make it more romanticit looks a little Easter and a little FTD Florist, I see Easter too and bunny ears and I see Star Trek. From Nina - I love the colour and the back, this would definitely be on a rack for a model, the fact the shoulders can be manipulated is exciting and it really has a lot of potential.

Patricia - I adore her unique outlook and would love to see her in the finals, but this week I would have sent her home (although I would prefer to send Daniel home). Her garment looked unfinished and like a high school sewing project. It was also the only outfit that wouldn't have looked good on Jordana. If it had been any other designer to put this on the runway, the judges would have torn apart it. It all started with Richard. Patricia cannot explain to anyone what she is doing and without that, Richard has nothing to latch onto. Richard's forte is also knits, so needs a lot of instruction on how to finish a sheer woven. She falls behind and has to make compromises to get something finished in time. Judges comments include - you always bring an element of surprise but I don't think this would work for Jordana, she has a rocking body and this wouldn't be flattering, almost tent-like, it looks unfinished, I didn't see lots of movement, a good palette, a bit unusual and borderline Pocahontas. In the end Nina saved her, "Patricia is so original and is referencing no one. We need that in design. There are things here we haven't seen before."

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Project Runway Season 11 - Episode 10

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This week took the designers to the Guggenheim Museum. The building itself is an amazing piece of architecture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Add in a wonderful selection of artwork, and I can't imagine a better place to find inspiration. Heidi Klum had already told them, "In this next challenge you are going to be able to push the boundaries in a way that will show us just how creative you are," so no one was surprised to learn this was the HP + intel Challenge.  They are to work in teams of 2 to design ONE textile inspired by the museum's artwork. The final fabric must be used to create 2 looks - one wearable art, the other commercial ready-to-wear - and they can divide up the work any way they like.

Tim Gunn lets them know the judges have again chosen pairs to reflect who they would like to see work together - Michelle/Stanley (wow what a strong pair), Daniel/Layana (sure to clash) and Patricia/Richard (they are just too far apart as designers for this to work well). The museum is closed, so the designers have full freedom to explore without interruption. All take time to research on the computers provided and then wander in pairs to snap photos, sketch and discuss concepts. Back in the studio they have to work quickly to create the team print which is then sent to Dyenamix for production. It's no surprise that 1 designer on each team takes most of the responsibility for the print's final look.

As their custom textile will not arrive until the next day, they are offered 1 hour to design (which surprisingly had very little drama); a table full of random supplies to carefully look over that will help them with their art piece including paint, wire, glue, several colours of bubble wrap and more; and a trip to Mood Fabrics where they have a budget of $200 to purchase supplemental fabric and supplies. Teams seemed to have no problem agreeing on a print concept which surprised me - but when it came to the garments, 2 of the teams struggled to find common ground. Rachel Roy again fills in for Zac Posen and guest judge this week is fashion designer Tracy Reese.

Stanley (winner) and Michelle -

Stanley and Michelle found themselves inspired by the same works of art and decided to create the art piece together. They chose to play with madness - "a dark woman on the brink of insanity" - so Michelle drew disturbing faces for the fabric design! Stanley was drawn to the bubble wrap  as a construction material and used it to create the art dress - Michelle created the art overcoat and hand painted it. The simpler commercial piece offered the same a-line silhouette and colour palette.  I love the underskirt of yellow peaking out as well as keeping the design simple so that the print could hold centre stage.

Both designers worked on the Art Piece - Michelle put in more time on the Ready-to-wear.
I personally would have given Michelle the win because she had a larger role in the inspiration, drew all the faces seen on the textile, sewed and hand-painted the art overcoat and did a larger portion of the work on the ready-to-wear. There is a lot more of her in all aspects of these 2 looks. However, Stanley was given the win. Judges comments include - this look is perfection, it's about spiraling out of control but that's not what you see when it comes down the runway, it's yin and the yang, the language is really together, love the hand drawing on the overcoat's train, inspiring and editorial, and I just love the whole thing.

Daniel and Layana - 

This team had a rough time mostly due to Layana's strong opinions and Daniel's decision to try to make the pairing work by just letting her take the lead and have her way in most areas. She has been a bit self-absorbed throughout this show and it really came to a head here. When Layana struggles, he tries to encourage her. But in the end, she blames him for all her woes. Damned if you do - damned if you don't. She decides that she will create an art piece inspired by the twisting shadows and shapes of a wire sculpture and Daniel will create the ready-to-wear look that somehow ties in. As she has strong opinions about the textile, he lets her design it and just says great. The fact he practically had to beg to get just 1 slim yard of the textile they created for his piece was unforgivable. He had no choice but to incorporate - it was a part of the challenge. Why should she take it all? 

Layanna - Daniel
The judges were in agreement on their runway presentation. They loved Daniel's look calling it sleek, modern and sexy. I would have questioned him on the fact he again created a jacket, but they seemed oblivious. No one cared for Layana's art piece. They felt was a hodge-podge of every idea she had thrown together and that looked like a period piece. As the Guggenheim is dedicated to modern art - they felt it didn't make sense. Other than the palette and bit of common fabric, there is little to tie these 2 together.

Patricia and Richard (sent home) - 

Patricia and Richard were also a disaster in terms of partnership. Their aesthetics are just too far apart and the way Patricia designs by instinct. She can't communicate where she is going to anyone else where the process will end up. This challenge should have been Patricia's shining moment. She easily created a great print that was a collage of stylized eagle feathers with lots of triangles and and added hand painting as well, but struggled to find her way when it came to producing an actual silhouette. This gave Richard nothing to work with conceptually. She became upset that Richard was not designing, but Richard felt he had no idea where to go as he didn't have a clear vision of what she was producing. As he was inspired by the museum's architecture, he finally pulled together a structured look he hoped would keep him in the show. 

Patricia - Richard (sent Home)
The judges were in agreement here. Richard's look did not work on any level - no surprise as he was working in a vacuum. I think it would have been better if he hadn't bubbled the skirt - just pleated it and let it flair out. Patricia had some mixed reviews.  Heidi thought the look was fresh, but Nina absolutely hated it.  I think the concept was there, but it didn't come together - just layers of interesting fabric. The idea ended up just a fuzzy hint of a great artistic statement. I do feel Richard was the right choice to go home in terms of his work the last few weeks, but they could just as easily sent Layana home for her hot mess. 

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