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Studio Cloud 30 VIP Grand Opening Launch of New Location

Event photos courtesy of Kuna Photography.

Where did I meet accomplished recording artist, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur Warren Dean Flandez? I think we were introduced a few times at Vancouver Fashion Week. Then one season, it seemed to open up into something more.

I am so glad, as I have so much respect for him both as an artist and a human being. When he asked me if I could make the grand opening of the new Coal Harbour location for Studio Cloud 30, the answer was a resounding YES!

Studio Cloud 30 is where you will find Flandez when he's not performing. It is a warm and inviting space in which talent comes to fine tune their skills and move forward with their careers. It is a "...for-artists, by-artists development hub with a fresh new face, where artists in residence offer high caliber, comprehensive vocal coaching, music lessons, acting training, and practical support for upcoming performers in a diverse range of styles." That includes vocal coaching, songwriting/arranging, instrumental coaching, stage coaching, musical theory, acting, voice over, recording, styling and more. The venue, as well as those who work here, bear the stamp of his generous spirit.

The grand opening attracted an olio of professionals from many industries - entertainment, fashion and more. We mixed and mingled in the beautiful space while sipping wine and noshing on great hors'doeuvres. One of the highlights I missed was Flandez singing - a great disappointment. Turns out I left only 10 minutes early. If I had known I would have stayed. On my way out the door I received a lovely Studio Cloud 30 t-shirt that I am delighted to have. Given my costuming and fashion background, it may morph into a new garment with logo intact. We'll see if inspiration hits me after Christmas.

A special thanks to Warren Dean Flandez and his entire staff for making the evening so warm and welcoming. I am a huge fan and can't wait to follow all the new talent they are developing as they hit their stride as artists. In the meantime, I'm going to have to check out his upcoming performance schedule to make up for my lost opportunity to hear him sing. LOVE Soul/R&B - LOVE listening to Warren in particular!

 For more information on Studio Cloud 30 go to

To learn more about Warren Dean Flandez, go to

Blanche Macdonald - Fashion Lyrics Grad Show 2013

Images by Peter Jensen Photography unless otherwise noted -
Beautiful emcee Jaylene McRae, a BMC Makeup Grad,
and the Q Talent Leader at CurliQue
The end of November held Blanche Macdonald's annual fashion design grad at Curlique Beauty Boutique. A year ago they moved the grad show to this new location and I think the changed format is fabulous. The venue is much more intimate, which lets me see the garments up close and personal. Two shows are offered every year - an invitation only Media Preview where we see an edited selection that focuses on the best and brightest in this year's graduating class, and a parent night where all the students hit the runway to showcase their work.

Fashion Lyrics 2013 began downstairs in the boutique where we could mix and mingle with other media, teachers and students. White and red wine along with delicious cupcakes by the Bake Sale Baking Co. kept a smile on everyone's face. I only tried 2 cupcakes varieties and they were both amazing - Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting (you were right Claudia DaPonte - loved it) and Salted Caramel which is always a favourite for me. Guests covered a wide range of the industry from designers, to media, to stylists to producers and more. It was great to have a few moments here and there to catch up with industry friends as well as connect with a few of the students and staff to get their feedback on the evening.

Cell phone image of me with some of the amazing grads showcased this evening! 

Upstairs they had a raised runway (a total plus at any fashion show) framed by clear acrylic chairs each holding a black swag bag. Very classy. Rows were only a few deep so we all had a good view no matter where we sat. In a side room, the 16 students being featured this evening had their portfolios on display. This is always a first stop for me as I find their fashion illustrations offer a window into the student's creativity and future potential. Combined with their final garments - it gives me a better feel for each. There were many stand-outs in this area and I hope to feature a few in the future. For the show, I was lucky to snag a seat right at the end of the runway - the perfect place to see not only the garment, but construction details. 

A few illustration images show on my little camera - please forgive the poor quality. 

Fashion Lyrics 2013 offered strong collections overall that covered a wide variety of styles. The focus tended more toward high-end wear, but there were a few exceptions to keep the mix interesting. I loved the variety of fabrics, the incorporation of unusual angles and shapes in some of the silhouettes, out of the box menswear, a few ethnic influences and some exciting couture pieces. Because of the variety and strength of this grouping, it's way too hard mention any one student in particular. Kudos to all on a job well done and just know there were many garments I coveted. Also, thanks to Blanche Macdonald for making the overviews on each collection, included below, available.

Kari Applequist - Katrina Chen - Sam Elias Ghahremani - Danielle Jensen

Kari Appelquist - Overall Achievement - Her collection appropriately titled “The Fallen” was inspired by angels, fallen into a world of darkness. Her clever use of contrasting leathers and satin, peppered with delicate gold chain detail, takes us into a world where women can exalt their strength and more iniquitous sides.

Katrina Chen - Special Achievement in Pattern Making (Honourable Mention) and Special Achievement in Garment Construction - Moved by the power and radical geometry of lightning, Katrina conceived a sleek and feminine collection focusing on the “simplest qualities of luxury”. Using acetate crepe, satins and organza’s, Katrina’s collection titled “Force of Lightning” shows a modern take on the workingwoman’s wardrobe.

Sam Elias Ghahremani - Moved by the power and agility of the bald eagle, Sam designed a collection for both men and women using treated leathers, cotton and wool.

Danielle Jensen’s collection “Maiden” was inspired by the surge of women empowerment during WW2. Danielle used components of utility wear and military inspired garments to create a collection that is interchangeable from day to night.

Dorothy Ting - Janis Procyk - Li Liu - Reghan Blake

Dorothy Ting - Special Achievement in Design - made a trip to France in 2012, and more specifically Chateau Versailles. The moment she walked through the Mirror Halls of the renown Palace, her debut collection was born. Combined with her love of ballet, Dorothy infused her designs with the grandeur of crystal chandeliers and the fragile beauty of Swan Lake. The bold structure of her garments brindled with delicate crystal embellishments and raw edges make Dorothy’s debut collection a remarkable achievement.

Janic Procyk - Overall Achievement - The southeast Saskatchewan native used the dynamism and swagger of the all-to-often vilified Queen in traditional fairy tales, as the basis of her collection. Her designs transition from sophisticated suits for the workingwoman, to sultry eveningwear dripping in conviction.

Li Liu - Student of the Year - Chinese Buddhist temples are at the apex of Li Liu’s collection. Her fervor for engineered geometry and motley colours paint the backdrop of Li’s collection. Lotus thrones, golden lanterns adorned with flower and fruit offerings, endless knots, ceremonial drums and bells are just some of the visual elements incorporated into this feast of fashion.

Reghan Blake - Special Achievement in Pattern Making - takes us from the beach to the ballet with: bathing suits and cover-ups, fitness wear, casual separates, cocktail dresses and evening gowns. The bathing suits in this collection feature chiffon, fabric peonies and Swarovski crystal embellishments inspired from her life as a dancer. 

Joanne Huang - Tania Fergaru - Roginett Ligsay - Yinan Wu

Joanne Huang is enchanted by decadence. Chanel, Dior, Hermes-oh my! Her tribute collection pays homage to the classic greats of fashion.

Tania Fergaru - Special Achievement in Collection Interpretation - Wanting to infuse clothing with cultural elements from her native Mexico, Tania Garcia used the richness of Aztec, Mesoamerican art and textiles as her point of departure. With a patient and feathered eye, Tania spent countless hours hand-beading, embroidering and cross-stitching graphic patters influenced by the culture so near to her heart.

Roginett Ligsay - The foundation for Roginett’s collection was discovered when he mixed his love of Grecian architecture, the country’s Orthodox Catholic dress and an article he read on “Male Gender Flipping”. Roginett forged an eccentric collection dripping in lustful appeal and street swagger.

Yinan Wu's trip to the natural history museum as a child planted the seeds for his inaugural collection. The gargantuan skeletons, and sweeping wings from a vanished time are at the heart of her designs. Transparent draping over skin-like fabrics with detailed boning are just some of the design elements incorporated into Yinan’s work.

Candice Grenard - Annie Pahl - Paradee Chanyatanavut - Kira Sam

Candice Grenard - A born and bred Parisian, Candice brought the cultivated beauty of France to Blanche Macdonald Centre. Her assured collection in hunter green is fit for any bona fide bourgeois.

Annie Pahl - cello player turned fashion designer - was touched by “The Swan’s Ballet”, from Camille Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals. Crafting pleated dresses that mimic cello strings and appliqués in the shapes of Fortes, Annie’s collection of amorous gowns captures the essence of this beautiful and timeless score.

Paradee Chanyatanavut - Designing clothes that she “would want to wear”, the Thai native used dream catchers as her point of departure. With a focus on delicate and arresting details, Paradee explored the combination of straight lines and circular shapes with contrasting opaque and transparent textures.

Kira Sam - Special Achievement in Design and Special Achievement in Portfolio Presentation - Her collection “Die Walkure” was inspired by Wagner’s play “Ring Cycle”. The Calgary native with a background in theatre, used the iconic character Valkyrie Brunhilde as the muse for her costume designs. Exploring the strength of the classic heroine, Kira’s costumes mark the journey from legend to warrior, to mortal, to prize and ultimately scorned woman who meets a tragic end. Kira’s use of Mongolian lamb, pony hair and scale maille resulted in a collection seeping in dramatic flare.

For more information on the fashion design program at Blanche Macdonald, go to

VCAD - ONwards Fashion Show

All images courtesy of Peter Jensen Photography

VCAD (Vancouver College of Arts and Design) served up it's first show fashion show in November featuring the work of ten graduates from their design program.  The title chosen was ONwards "...because this one word encapsulates everything that the futures holds for our grads. From here on out, they have nowhere else to go but into their new careers and onto great success! This theme means something different to everyone involved – whether it’s moving onward from school to career, continuing on with creative passions or finally taking a proper place in the fashion world’s spotlight."

I loved the venue, the Croatian Cultural Centre.  It offered large open area which they set up with black backing, large screens that featured a stunning media production, vertical back lighting and intriguing stage fog that rolled out off and on during the show. There were so many wonderful looks this evening - a very talented group from start to finish. You could hear, "I love that," "I want/would wear that" and oohs and aahs throughout the show.

Unfortunately I didn't receive any information on the individual designers - the only one I know is Evan Ducharme - so am hoping to add a note on each later, if and when it becomes available. In the meantime, check out the three looks from each designer below. A few have four images so I could include an interesting look at the back of a garment.

Huong Le

Olivia Stewart 

Olivia Bing

Shaunique Simpson

Ross Victoriano

Zoe Collins

Joshua Shin

Darius Tuliso

Tira Hummelle

Tennille Oppen

Evan Ducharme - Winner of Fashion Night Out 2012's design competition, Ducharme has been making waves in the Vancouver fashion scene ever since. He is particularly known for his beautiful custom gowns and rocked the runway at Eco Fashion Week last season when he created a collection for the 68-Pound Challenge.

Kudos to the team that made this such a wonderful evening -
Creative Direction/Production  - Vladimir Markovich
Executive Producer - Larry Heinzlmeir
Producer - Wavemaker Marketing
Casting/Stage Director - Natasha Campbell, Tasha E Production
Makeup & Hair La Biosthetique Paris Team - Jody, Teresa, Victoria, Shane, Jacqui, Kira, Francesca, Lauren and Hanna
Shoes - Town Shoes
Models - Jessica, Emily, Channing, Mieka, Smaira, Lotte, Ava, Courtney, Stacy, Clare, Treychel, Michelle and Yui - representing Lizbell, JL, John Casablancas, Charles Stewart, Lexington and Key.
PLUS - All the volunteers, photographer, videographers and more whose hard work made this show a success.

For more information on the Fashion Design program at VCAD, go to

Friday, November 29, 2013

John Casablancas Grad Show - I IV II

Images unless otherwise noted by Kuna Photography.

On November 21st, nine students from the Fashion, Business and Creative Arts Program at John Casablancas Institute offered up a grad fashion show offering styles for spring at the Villa Amato Ballroom. “Group 142 is a class of nine talented individuals who have intriguing and inventive ideas,” says JCI Fashion Program Director, Sunja Link. “Our program is unique because the students are the ones that plan and produce the fashion show; we try not to get in their way...I am extremely excited to see how I·IV·II: one forty two evolves.”

The nine students in this graduating class were responsible for obtaining sponsorship funding, selection of a charity and donations for the gift card table and silent auction. They are also responsible for all aspects of production from concept to execution including staging, set elements and promotional materials. For I IV II, the setting was a very eccentric garden dinner party. Down the centre of the runway was a long table beautifully laid out to represent the garden party theme with decorations such as a candelabra, a cake and an abundance of handmade flowers scattered strategically.

Image of graduates from press release
The evening began with mixing, mingling, perhaps a drink and perusing the silent auction table. Next our emcee - Harald Veerman - took the stage in a true Mad Hatter Style top hat. First in order were awards announced for students in various programs including hair, make-up and aesthetics. Then Deborah Grimm from the Looking Glass Foundation - beneficiary of the evening's fundraising efforts - shared about her personal journey with her daughter's eating disorder and the work the organization has done to bring treatment options to British Columbia. In the past there was nothing local available.

Last we were treated to the runway show. Opening the show were spring dresses and gowns designed by student Mark Abenir with a palette of white and pastel. Next came several segments where local retailers garments were styled by students from this class. Closing the show was a street style collection designed by Jessica Moneo. In early shows, the models entered from one side, walked along one side of the table, posed at the front and then left walking up the other side. Later shows had the models walking bravely down the centre of the table.  A great effect.  Below are just a few of the looks these student offered up.

For more information on the programs offered at John Casablancas go to

Thursday, November 28, 2013

VALT 2013, Day 3 - TECHTOPIA

All images courtesy of Peter Jensen Photography unless otherwise noted.

Closing night the theme was Techtopia - "The idea of a world in which humankind has improved by great leaps and strides and life is dramatically improved but by no way perfected, mostly with a great deal of aid by continually improving technology. A concept that would seem likely to many people today."  The audience noise level built each night as we all loosened up and let the designers and models HEAR how much we enjoyed their efforts. Tonight it reached it's peak and I nearly lost my voice. It was fun! Closing night was also bittersweet as, even though the shows were totally rocking, we all knew the party was coming to an end.

Hostess -

The evening's emcee, Kat Kozak (Kat Eye Imaging and VALT Co-Founder), embraced the Techtopia theme by channeling the spirit of a robot/cyborg. Her performance hit the nail on the head. From her truly inspired sci-fi outfit, to the crazy special effects contacts, to her slow controlled walk and gestures, to her deadpan voice - the audience was captivated. When the shows began, we were on the edge of our seats and ready. (Note - loved that at the end of the evening co-founder Kat Ferneyhough stepped on the runway to offer her thoughts and remind us of what everyone had been saying all week - VANCOUVER IS ALTERNATIVE!)

Music -

Sex With Strangers - Self described as "The Human League in a bad mood," the band calls their genre of music "dystopia-rock."

Image by Kuna Photography
Fashion -

Maggie Fu Fashion - Upcycled tops, shorts, leggings and dresses that have been slashed and re-braided into wearable artwork.  I was lucky to meet designer Magdalena Lima Ortega over a year ago through a mutual photographer friend and was so impressed with her work that I wrote an article for this site called Maggi Fu - One-Of-A-Kind Wearable Art. Her show brought fun to the runway this evening with a great mix of models all offering their own version of sass and the audience went wild. In talking with Magdalena, she is exploring other higher end fabrics to create evening wear. Can you image a red carpet dress created with this technique?

Avant-AFI - Unique custom-made clothing, future fashions and vintage created by the design duo of photographer Chris Hutchison and Make-up Artist Joanna Bylo. This team of two captured the techno theme beautifully.  Sleek jumpsuits, bodysuits and separates in mainly black/gray along with great styling accents - such as the orange spiked mask seen below- made for a stunning show.  I particularly loved the bar codes printed on garments. The inclusion of that detail screamed techno future to me. A nice balance of edgy, but wearable looks. Kudos!

Boring Sidney Hats - Unusual hats of elfin design inspired by fairies, gnomes, elves, hobgoblins. This was fantasy at it's best. Each was unique in it's own right - each look a totally different and imaginative statement.  The first 2 on the left below were ones I would wear with the right outfit given the chance, then we have a feminine tulle number that suggests bridal to me, a top hat showcasing a brain and a chandelier inspired dramatic piece. These are statement making chapeaus for someone who is ready to own the spotlight when entering a room. The designer also offers unique hats for more traditional settings. Be sure to check out their website.

Mitmunk Leggings - Super-soft polyester-spandex leggings with brushed finish, hand-cut in their studio and printed with original designs of armour and chain mail, rich textures, vibrant colours and vintage graphics. I was so pleased to meet designer Wayne Elliott the first day - a truly nice person and uber talented artist.  For this show Elliott used the, "...visual textures of scratched metal armour, circuitry and the skin of beasts, evoking the ordered dysfunction of a society shaped by highly advanced artificial intelligence and genetic engineering."  Kudos to the models for embracing stilted robotic walks that brought this theme home.

Music -

Combine the Victorious -  Indie duo from Vancouver featuring Isabelle Dunlop, fashion designer/singer, and Mark Henning, musician/record producer.

Image by Kuna Photography
Fashion -

Carolyn Bruce Designs - While this designer creates a full range of artisanal offerings, the focus for Techtopia was on her jewellery. Normally jewellery doesn't show well on the runway, but Bruce was the grand exception. Pieces were large, dramatic and unique - detailing easily seen from a distance - each displayed an all black garments that made them pop.  I love big jewellery, so was in heaven. Two favourites were the necklace on the model in the middle below and the great accessory piece on the hat in the image to her right. Obviously I wasn't the only one enthralled as I heard one piece sold right after the show.

Laura JAckson Workshop - Fashion & costume designer based in Vancouver specializing in using exotic materials for unique texturing and finishes. Sleek, sexy and dramatic - this collection was a perfect example of less is more. There was a mix of power and femininity in these looks that drew a strong response from the audience. Interest was created with silhouette and colour, detailing well thought out and well-placed. This was another line that created a few "fashiongasms" in women around me. My favourite look?  Probably the one on the far right, but mainly because it is one I could wear.

Performance - 

The Femstar Evolution - A creative collaboration between Dani (House of Barnes) and choreographer Hannah (Celinski Productions). For Techtopia, the choreography turned to slick, confident and #BAMF's - bad ass mother fucker's! Dancers Dani, Kelsey Merrick, Dylaina Victoria Gollub, Madi Harris & Justine Kirk again brought their own brand of mega-energy to the runway. Backing them was a 3rd original film created for their VALT performances - directed and produced by Victor Culpin. Costumes designed by House of Barnes and assistant Jayce Gowler (and sponsored by Boo La La Costumes which also provided the wigs) were black with a fringed purple sequins skirt that caught the light and added to the movement. The dancer's dramatic eyes and textured scaley skin detailing were created by a great backstage team - make-up by Elizabeth McLeod and airbrush artists Tracy Cake and Ashley Rose!

Image by Rick Celinski of Celinski Productions
Music - 

Dark Arps - Solo artist Jonathan Bierman sound is a mixture of techno, breaks and progressive house, overlaid with synths, sampled instrumental melodies, warped tonal textures and atmospheres, and supported with incessantly infectious beats and basslines. It is music for the head, heart and feet.

Stock Image
Artists - 

Jennifer CherneckiLorelei BurkEmi KanomataAaron R WhiteMandy TsungNomi Chi Meta-MurotaPHRESHAStephanie LarsenShay Lhea (Oculto Luxury Masks), Jon LamNina Pak, Famous Empty Sky

Images I shot on my little point and click!

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The Team -

Kat Ferneyhough - VALT Creative Director & Co-Founder, Kat Kozak - VALT Media Specialist & Co-Founder, Grace Donati - VALT Aesthetics Director & Head of Hair Team, Kat Morris - VALT Aesthetics Director & Head of Makeup, Aaron Morris - VALT Model Coordinator & Event Host, Andrew Ferneyhough - Art Director & Music Facilitation and Victor Kozak - Tech Director and Front of House.

Hair and make-up for the runway shows provided by New Image College of Arts.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

VALT 2013 - Day 2, DYSTOPIA

Images credited individually.

Images courtesy of Hush Magazine
The theme for Saturday was Dystopia -  "A bleak future scape in which humanity toils and struggles with little to no recompense. An anarchist, survivalist nightmare world as was expected by many throughout the late 70's, 80's, and early 90's."  The collections for Dystopia tended to be rawer and darker.  Models offered these looks on the runway with a more theatrical presentation. They mixed it up this evening starting with a film short that, while a play on the term fashion victim, had a scary, gory vibe that really caught everyone's attention.

The Host - 

The evenings host, Aaron Morris (President of Morrismore Productions and GrindDown Magazine), carried the evening with his big voice, intense energy, great humor and, occasionally, a wooden bat. That's right a bat. And big, intense, in-your-face was the theme of the evening. Let's face it, shy wall flowers wouldn't survive in a dystopian future! The energy flowed from the runway right out through the audience, who responded with lots of cheers and shouts.

Short Film -

"Fashion Victim" by Vesica Films (trailer below)

Fashion -

Vixxen Prints - Vixxen is the brainchild of The Art Institute of Vancouver student, Nicollette Nettnay. For Dystopia, this designer embraced an out-of-the-box, disturbing aesthetic. Models were adorned with tape covered in hand written messages, poster boards, a straight-jacket inspired onsie, garments silk-screened with commentary, black frames resting on shoulders, gas masks and looks created from newsprint. What an opening to the fashion section of this bleak-themed evening.

Images by Nina Pak
Pretty Bastard - "Motion as creative energy, bike rides under the rain, where soul meets body... Itinerant by choice, duality as life principle."  Pure silk or leather are the material of choice and are used in 85% of the garments. This collection featured a great olio of sexy vibes, slim silhouettes, a mix of soft draping silk, leather and a few unusual synthetics and a palette predominantly inky black and vivid blood red.Looks offered draping, textural embellishment and sheer insets. There was also a dramatic red/black swimsuit with cut-outs that really caught everyone's attention.

Images by Nina Pak
Shiverz Designs - Fascinators, hats, masquerade masks, feather hair clips & bands, flower hair clips, earrings, jewelry, top hats, garters and chapeaus to decorate yourself! Add in a great array of theatrical dresses and you get an idea how fun this show was. Variety was the name of the game - from the Garden of Eden dress worn the first night by the hostess to others showing a wide variety of textures, colours, themes and silhouettes. There was something for everyone.

Images by Nina Pak
AD Designs - Pushing the limits on outwear,this designers strives to making costume jackets, vests and pants to make every women feel empowered and strong - bringing the ordinary costume to life and breathing life into the unreal. Tonight they pushed the limits in their presentation. The models could have come right out of a Zombie film or a scary story set in an insane asylum and they totally rocked it on the runway from first look to final image. Dresses and separates were styled with belted strapping. Looks were offered in a black/white/gray/red palette. And I know a lot of sexy women who would be happy to wear the open-sided pant held together with belt buckles shown in the 3rd image from the left below.

Images courtesy of Hush Magazine

Jillian Gray - I loved Jillian Gray's work when she graduated from The Art Institute of Vancouver, and in fact featured her in an article on this website. You can check it out by clicking HERE. What she offered for Dystopia was exquisitely tailored garments with a vibe that was both hard and soft created from leather, textured leather and leather combined with a sheer fabric. My favourite is the combination dress on the left below. It had an understated edge to it, yet was both elegant and classy. Kudos Jillian. I continue to have my eye on you. It was great to finally meet in person.

Images courtesy of Hush Magazine
Performance - 

The Femstar Evolution - A creative collaboration between Dani (House of Barnes) and choreographer Hannah (Celinski Productions). For Dystopia, dancers Dani, Kelsey Merrick, Dylaina Victoria Gollub, Madi Harris & Justine Kirk were clad in black/silver edgier costumes designed by House of Barnes and assistant Jayce Gowler. Choreography centered around a dark, animalistic approach to the troubled artists and the journey out of the darkness of one's own mind. An original film directed and produced byVictor Culpin helped set the mood. The dancer's Zombie/SciFi looks were created by a great backstage team - make-up artists Cherie Martens and Brandon Von Styles. hair stylists Zena Del Espino and Linzo Dubz and airbrush artists Tracy Cake and Ashley Rose!

Image by Ed Ng Photography
Music -

The Pink Pearl Dragon - Female artist, writer, philosopher, and multi-faceted self taught musician who writes sardonic pseudo pop songs - tormented and moody music with pleasant vocal harmonies.

Stock image from Reverbnation
Fashion -

Oculto Steam Masks - Mask maker who creates a line of Steampunk offerings where dead poets and crippled chemists, mad doctors and living machines can all be found hidden within. The masks were pure fantasy for the Steampunk enthusiast. I love that they only cover part of the face - more comfortable to wear over a long evening. It really is time for me to embrace a Steampunk outfit and one of these masks would be the perfect accessory. A little birdie told me the designer - Shay Lhea - is launching a hat line in January.  I can't wait to see it!

Images by Peter Jensen Photography
The Dixon Collection - Each design is like a carefully thought out work of art. Each has a story and a reason. "Wrap yourself in it." While the presentation helped this collection embrace the night's theme - check out the great facial expression on the model in the center below - the clothing was the most feminine of the evenings offerings, and the audience responded. The first look on the left below with subtle dying and feather accents and the glittery white number with chain accents on the far right brought lots of oohs, aahs and "I would wear that" from the women all around me.  You really need to see these up close and in person to appreciate them.

Image by Peter Jensen Photography
Pretty in Punk - Designer Tanya Walker - a recent grad of the Vancouver College of Art and Design (VCAD) who - was selected by VALT as 2013's Most Promising Student of the Year. This edgy brand is created for the exceptional misfits of the world, without whom the earth would be a far less colourful place. On the runway we saw wild and wonderful wear in black for the strong woman. My favourite was the second from the left below. The use of a lighter print with the black combined with a very cool dip in the back accented with chains hit the mark for me. It had that perfect slightly edgy look, but still wearable combination that can be so hard to find.

Image by Peter Jensen Photography

Music -

Celestial Ruin - Styled after European Symphonic Metal but executed with a decidedly North American flavor - the sound is heavy rock rhythms and riffs with catchy, singable melodies, and rich symphonic textures.

Stock Image
 Artists - 

Jennifer CherneckiLorelei BurkEmi KanomataAaron R WhiteMandy TsungNomi Chi Meta-MurotaPHRESHAStephanie LarsenShay Lhea (Oculto Luxury Masks), Jon LamNina Pak, Famous Empty Sky

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The Team -

Kat Ferneyhough - VALT Creative Director & Co-Founder, Kat Kozak - VALT Media Specialist & Co-Founder, Grace Donati - VALT Aesthetics Director & Head of Hair Team, Kat Morris - VALT Aesthetics Director & Head of Makeup, Aaron Morris - VALT Model Coordinator & Event Host, Andrew Ferneyhough - Art Director & Music Facilitation and Victor Kozak - Tech Director and Front of House.

Hair and make-up team provided by New Image College of Arts.